Saturday, March 8, 2008


Although Lil Wayne's 'position' in his new ad looks very, very suspect, I commend him for volunteering to such a good cause. (click pic to see it in its full image)

Strapped Condoms recently launched a program with the intention to educate youth in identifying at risk behavior patterns that contribute to the continuous spread of HIV and STDs. Rapper Lil Wayne has stepped up to the plate to further the cause the company, founded by Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince, wants to spread. Via a campaign they are calling Strapped 4 Life, the condom company will launch a series of ads-PSAs with Lil Wayne as the main spokesperson. "You need to get informed, not infected and don't forget stay Strapped baby," exclaimed Lil Wayne. The message is targeted towards youth between the ages of 18 to 24. According to the company, the Houston Department of Health & Human Services reports that as many as 1 in 40 African Americans in Houston are living with HIV. On a national scale, Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that even though blacks account for only 13% of the U.S. population they account for about 50% of the people who get HIV and AIDS. For African Americans AIDS is a leading cause of death.

"In the mist of this crisis where HIV and AIDS is the #1 killer where our race of people is concerned, I salute Lil Wayne as an authority figure for taking a stand to inform our people to use Strapped Condoms and to Stay Strapped for Life," said J. Prince. The Houston based Strapped Condoms was created by J. Prince back in 2005. According to their website, their condoms are made from the finest quality of natural rubber latex.

For more information about the Strapped 4 Life campaign and their condoms, visit

Thanks to my girl Mina for bringing this my way!
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Anonymous said...

Thats good that he is stepping to the plate.... But this pic looks straight gay!

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