Tuesday, March 4, 2008


If the rumors are true, looks like T.I.'s fiancee Tiny will soon become a single mother while her man is away doing time. Various websites are reporting that prosecuting attorney David E. Nahmias has offered the 27-year-old rapper a plea deal of 15 years with a minimum mandatory sentence of 13 years; which means that even with good behavior he will remain locked up behind bars until he turns 40-years-old in year 2021. And when you consider the fact that he's a convicted felon, even if these rumors are indeed true, he'd be a fool not to take the deal. Because of his criminal history, his possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charge alone could have him serving football numbers. And let's not forget his charges of possessing unregistered machine guns and silencers....which could put him away for life. Dude had so many guns, you'd think he was going to go out and hunt down Osama bin Laden personally.

As previously reported, the rapper was arrested last October in Atlanta, Georgia in a federal sting operation in which he allegedly attempted to purchase three machine guns and two silencers. Since the ATL MC (real name Clifford Harris) is a convicted felon, he cannot legally own a gun or have one in his possession. According to authorities at the time, and for reasons we may never know, T.I. gave his newly-hired bodyguard—who later became an informant for the federal government—an estimated $27,000 to purchase the weapons. In addition to the guns used in the sting operation, a search of T.I.’s vehicle also turned up several more guns.

However, several sources are stating that the plea deal offered to the hip hop star could be be reduced. One particular website has even gone as far as to claim that their sources have confirmed to them that the rapper would only serve 2-4 years. Yeah, right. The only way I can see that happening is if his legal team dug up Johnnie Cochran. (God, bless the dead). Nevertheless, he should feel like a certified fool for getting himself caught up in this mess. I can't even feel sorry for him because he brought it all on himself. Ya dig?


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Anonymous said...

I doubt it because his 2 charges together were only 10 years(

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