Saturday, March 15, 2008


I received the following article (via from Alicia at Reality Life magazine regarding a new reality show titled, Interracial Love that will air on VH1 this fall. Some of you may have already heard of it by now...for those who haven't or are interested in becoming a potential contestant/cast mate, peep the info below.

VH1 has reportedly given a green-light to Interracial Love, a reality show about a white male looking to find an African American girlfriend. Writer "Lynn" of says the show will start casting in June for a fall 2008 premiere. The series will follow Tobias White (shown in the middle of the photo above) and his two bi-racial sons 14-year old Marcus (shown on the far left in the photo above) and 15-year-old Zachary (shown on the far right in the photo above) as they look to add a wife and mother to the family. In an interview with Lynn last July, White explained his preference for black women. "I’m a white male and I’ve always dated only black women. I just always have," he said. "It’s not that I’m prejudiced against my own race, but it just seemed a better fit for me. And now I have two children that are bi-racial. I’ve seen so many shows like the Bachelor and now Age of Love, The Rock of Love and Joe Millionaire. They always have 19 or 20 white women on the show and they’ll have one black woman. It’s almost like it was set up for the black woman to get voted off.

"To me, with the mother of my kids being black, I think it’s a disrespectful thing. And I was just thinking one day about a year ago that this would be a good reality show. Me and my sons want a good woman in our lives, and who better to help me find my Queen, than my sons? Who knows me better than my sons?"


CASTING INFO: Casting for 20 black women with or without kids. Need to send photo and or video with why they want to be on this show. Please send submission to all four emails below! Other casting calls will be done in four major cities to be announced.

jim. ackerman@vh1staff. com
jeff. olde@vh1staff. com
zuri. rice@vh1staff. com
sspence_something_new_ent@yahoo. com


Anthony said...

Is he kidding? See, I have a real problem with people of certain ethnicities talking that " I only date black, white, Asian etc. women/men" Are you crazy? O.K. I can see having a particular preference of person one would like to date but love doesn't have a color and humans can't help who they fall in love with. This guy is living within a subconscious racist mindset. Although he has two bi-ethnic sons, he's inflicting the danger of mis-educating them with his ignorance on ethnic knowledge. You can see that he's adopted America's racist ideologies into his life and is now introducing it into theirs. His identification with a sexual preference for only "black" women indicates a problem with himself and ironically with "black" women. As a human man, which he has a problem even with that because he's looking for someone with Hue to become more Human. ( He wants to become a Hue-man)Anyway, if he continues this racist thinking he's going to destroy the human existence, in the sense of the word hue-man, within his sons. Having them believe that the "white" part within them is in a lot of ways inferior to the more important part of them which is their "blackness" and this is why for sex relations, a black woman is to be chosen. This is why we have racial paranoia, segregation, discrimination and other maladies as it pertains to human beings existing in harmony on this planet.

Anonymous said...

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