Saturday, April 26, 2008


Don't you just hate it when dudes do nothing but bitch about other females...which in turn makes those dudes look like bitchmade lames? Just days after bitching about Alicia Keys 'not really bright' comments she made in Blender magazine (Keys told the mag, "Gangsta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other." Keys later said her comment was taken out of context.), Magilla is back at it again and this time he's made Missy Elliott his target. He blames the super-producer for the inevitable exit of R&B singer Olivia, his 'protege' and First Lady of his G-Unit record label. Talk about hitting below the belt, 50 went as far as making light of Elliott's alleged sexual preferences as the reason behind the move. Duuuuuuuude? Bitch-Boy (real name Curtis Jackson) signed Olivia in 2004, but after the release of only three measly singles, she was dropped from G-Unit Records in 2007. And 50 insists things started to go wrong when Olivia collaborated with Missy Elliot on her single Cherry Pop - joking that Missy's close personal relationship with his protege resulted in the breakdown of his own ties with the rising star. Stop lying. She probably just finally wised up and stopped letting you take dips in her 'pocketbook' at your convenience when she realized that the only G-Unit artist whose welfare you look after is yourself. And even if that's not the case, let that girl have her carpet munched on if she chooses to do so. But that's just my personal opinion though.

Anyhoo, he says, "She (Olivia) went to work with Missy and it got kinda crazy like. It got crazy because Missy was trying to own her a little bit... I think Missy hit that." The rapper is disappointed his project with Olivia never worked out and is determined to take more tips from fellow music mogul Jay-Z - who has successfully launched the careers of stars like R&B singer Rihanna. He adds, "I made so many sacrifices based on people I brought around. I need to take a page outta Jay-Z's book because he don't (sic) compromise himself at all for them."

Missy Elliot has long been dogged by rumors she is a lesbian, but has refused to comment publicly on her rumored sexuality.



lilkunta said...

QUOTE:" ...let that girl have her carpet munched on if she chooses to do so. But that's just my personal opinion though. "
2 funny SG !

lilkunta said...

50 cent is just mad bc that is what his &ss is 50cent!

He shoulda been looking after his protege then.

by the way, what is he doing? Kanye west whipped him in cd sales on 11sept2007. I always hear k's songs, hear about his mus vids, & I know he on tour.

All I hear about 50 is that he is tryna evict his son's mother & he is always whining about some 1( alicia, missy, olivia, etc).

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