Monday, April 7, 2008


The newly wedded Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Carter were spotted exiting their private jet in North Carolina on Saturday less than 24 hours of being deemed as husband and wife the night (4.4.2008) before. Jay-Z, who is co-headlining the Heart of the City tour with Mary J. Blige, performed in Greensboro. And although Jay made no mention of his reported nuptials to his longtime-girlfriend-turned-wife during his performance, Mary did. The singer congratulated the wedded couple by screaming, 'Congratulations to my Jay-Z and my girl B!'to the sold-out crowd.


Below are candid pics of Beyonce's baby sister Solange and their cousin (and Bey's personal assistant) Angie as they leave Bey & Jay's other place of residence at the Bloomberg Tower building in Manhattan, New York on Saturday (4.5.2008).


Because of Big Poppa Mathew Knowles pimping ways and love of the almighty dollar, it may be months before we all can actually see for ourselves what a lovely bride Beyonce made. Rumors are circulating that Mathew is shopping exclusive photos of his daughter's super-secretive wedding ceremony to several mainstream magazine publishers. Until then, the folks at Madame Tussauds decided to give the singer's original wax statue a makeover to commemorate her new title as Mrs. Carter by donning the piece in wedding attire. Oh, yes, it's a tacky look, but hey, until Mathew's satisfied with a reasonable monetary offer, this right here is all we got!



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