Monday, April 28, 2008


Has Whitney Houston lost that melodic singing voice of hers forever? Maybe. According to AOL Blackvoices columnist Jawn Murray, Houston disappointed a sold-out crowd who came to see a rare performance by the trouble-prone singer at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago on Sunday, April 27. The Greatest Love of All singer performed on the last night of the festival, just before headliner Rod Stewart took the stage. Houston opened her show with Its Not Right, But Its Okay and by her third song, Saving All My Love, the once soprano's newfound tenor tone was in full rasp. Delivering only seven songs during her 30 minute set, Houston was reportedly paid a whopping $3 million for the show. Though journalists were flown in from all over the world, Houston refused to allow media and photographers within 200 feet of the stage. She brought her own photographer to the venue and only he was allowed to shoot her performance. Wearing a white gown with a single shoulder strap, Houston skipped around the stage and continuously shouted to the crowd: "I love you Trinidad !' Unfortunately, the concert was in Tobago!

Locals shouted back each time: "This is Tobago!"

The 44-year-old music icon ambitiously attempted And I'll Always Love You, however she struggled through the build up and knew better than attempt the high finish. She bowed and then squatted after her pseudo-encore of Chaka Khan's I'm Every Woman, which Houston also recorded for 'The Bodyguard' soundtrack.



Anonymous said...

HOT MESS...bobby didn't ruin her career...SHE RUIN HER CAREER!

People just need to finally realize..WHITNEY IS STRAIGHT HOOD!! Everything we saw in the past was "Clive-marketing". How to go to one hot mess of a man to another...she ain't tryin' to upgrade on a professional or personal note.

ian said...

hey ya! can't you see shes's making a struggle just to come back, is it really hard to understand what she gone through? or you just don't know the word "understand"? it's not easy for her to be on top again and sound like she was before can't you just give her the chance? let her prove to the people that she is she; "the voice"
huh! idiot..........

SoundSavvy said...

In the words of John Mayer: "It's really made your stand...we're gonna find another you!"

Would the real Whitney Houston please sit down. Thanks!

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