Sunday, May 4, 2008


"I just want to show the kids that anything is possible. They think that once you're famous or make a certain amount of money you've got to forget about your education. But I feel that education is the wealthiest thing you can have. I got a 3.9 GPA in school right now. I'm still in regular school playing ball, but yall will see me on the college hardwood floor next year at USC (University of Southern California)."
--Master P.'s oldest son, 18-year-old Romeo (real name Percy Romeo Miller, Jr.), on why he chose to attend college (and playing college basketball) over continuing his successful career as an actor and and rapper. Rather this rapper/actor/junior entrepreneur pursues his collegiate hoop-dreams on a scholarship or not, you gotta give this cutie his props on making such a wise decision in regards to his future....professionally and educationally. Bless his heart. Big Percy must be so proud!

Watch Romeo displaying his b-ball skills at the Nor-Cal All-Star Game/Dream 1 Classic by clicking HERE and HERE.


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