Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Congratulations are in order for R&B singer/actress Jill Scott. According to ParlourMagazine.com, the songstress is preparing for marriage number two after announcing her engagement to Jon Roberts, the drummer in her band. According to Parlour, Scott had performed several encore songs when Roberts presented her with a bouquet of flowers and a kiss. he told the crowd about their engagement and was met with wild cheers and applause. Afterward, she gave the audience another encore. This time last year, Scott was in the midst of divorce proceedings with her husband of five years, Lyzel Williams, a DJ and graphic artist. They dated for seven years before exchanging vows in the fall of 2001 in Hawaii. Williams was the source of inspiration for many of Scott’s songs, including He Loves Me.

I told yall back in February that Jill had began dating Roberts who she dubbed as her Mr. 'Crown Royal On Ice' at her 2008 Valentine's Day concert in Universal City, California. According to several fans who attended the show, Scott acknowledged her Drummer Boy as her 'Valentine' by giving him a gift and a big kiss on the lips. He in return, gave her a 'loving wink' after they kissed.

Congratulations again to Jill!



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