Sunday, July 27, 2008


Halle Berry was spotted by the paparazzi leaving a friend's house in Hollywood Hills last Thursday. If she looks a bit pissed off in these pictures she has a right too. Most of the images of Halle I post on this blog are candid shots of her out and about doing the things some of us do everyday: shopping, exercising, visiting friends, going to work, etc. Needless to say Berry seldom had no problem with the paparazzi following her every move; she of all people know it comes with the territory of being a well-known celebrity. However, now that she's become a mother to a beautiful 4-month old baby girl who can't make decisions on her own, things have changed. What she once considered a pesky nuisance has now become an itch on her ass that she can't reach. According to the Associated Press, Berry is so livid that members of the paparazzi took it upon themselves to trespass onto her private property to snap photos (before posting them on the Internet and in two celebrity magazines) of her holding her daughter Nahla in her backyard, that she is now fighting back and filing a lawsuit against the photographers in an effort to protect her daughter.

"The paparazzi have gone too far," Berry said in a statement to The Associated Press. Berry disputes the notion that the photos were taken when she was "out and about in Los Angeles." Evan Spiegel, an attorney representing Berry, said a criminal complaint has been filed and an investigation is under way. He said there are witnesses who saw the photographers in the middle of a "very blatant and invasive trespass." Besides pursuing criminal charges against the photographer, Berry is seeking to get the photos removed from the Web. In her statement, Berry said she will never sell pictures of her children. "I have long since come to terms with the fact that choosing a career as an actress has made me a public figure, but my baby has made no such choice, and unless and until she does, I will do everything I can ... to keep her out of the public eye," the statement read.

The photos, some of which have blurred leaves in the foreground, show Berry holding her daughter, standing near a table in what appears to be a private backyard. Berry's mother is also in some of the pictures. Berry said she wants anyone who used the photos to know they were illegally obtained.


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