Tuesday, August 19, 2008


ESSENCE.COM has exclusive pictures of the bruises Turks & Caicos First Lady LisaRaye McCoy Misick sustained in her violent confrontation with her husband Michael Misick last week. The photos, which were obtained from an anonymous source close to LisaRaye, show the actress with visible bruises on the back of her upper shoulder, the inside of her thigh and a reddened-bitemark on her shoulder. LisaRaye's publicist Lynn Jeter says aside from everything her client has gone through during this past week, she's doing quite well. “LisaRaye is fine and in good spirits,” Jeter told ESSENCE.com, “and is working to get this matter resolved quickly as she moves forward with her career.”

Check out the pictures below.



KappaChino said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Diamond. Someone had to have had horse chompers to put a bite mark that size on her shoulder. That ish looks like it hurts.

Oh well.

CountryRedGirl said...

Okay u know what? I don't care if she busted up his home or their home-- depending on who you ask. But the fact remains to as this: he didn't have tp put her hands on her, if he did. However, I have a strong feeling it was his spooky sister who bit the hell out of LR and she prob'ly did it because LR looks better than her. Jealous and envious b!tches are a force to be reckon with. They do ugly things such as this.

Touchy_Feely said...

Looks like she got mauled by a damn dog. I wonder how many takes did it take her to perfect that 'woe is me, I'm in so much pain so please pity me' look cause we all know she can't act worth a damn. It would have been more convincing if she had left off the lip gloss. U almost had me Lisa...oops I mean LisaRAYE.

Anonymous said...

lol at Kappachino!

Anonymous said...

dis heffa still wearing white??!! ain't nothing pure about her ass.

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