Friday, September 5, 2008


Rapper C-Murder has offered to help Remy Ma cope with jail life after her partner Papoose approached him for advice. The New Orleans, Louisiana star is currently under house arrest - awaiting a retrial - after a life sentence for second-degree murder was overturned in 2006. And he's using the time between jail and court to mentor other rap stars who have been incarcerated. He says, "Papoose had a lot of questions about Remy's situation, so any kind of way I can help, even if it's just words and advice, that's what it is." C- Murder, real name Corey Miller, admits he's a little concerned that so many of his peers have been locked up in the past two years. He tells XXL magazine, "It seem like we targets (sic). Everybody blames hip-hop for all the problems in the world, so whenever a situation happen with a hip-hop artist, they gon' make it seem so drastic. "They judge a book by its cover, off top. And definitely with the rap game, they feel like we out there thuggin', wildin' out, and that ain't really what we about. We don't want to be put in these situations, but once we there, we just gotta deal with 'em."

Remy Ma, real name Remi Smith, was sentenced to serve eight years behind bars earlier this year (May08) after she was found guilty on weapons and assault charges. The 26-year-old hip-hop star shot Makeda Barnes Joseph in the abdomen last year (07). She is awaiting an appeal.



enter my head said...
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enter my head said...

if you do the crime, you do the time! simple as that! what the hell is he talking about?

target? most of these "entertainers" don't get half the time they deserve when they "wild out"! his pen-pal campaign has failed to impress me. but good for him..

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