Sunday, September 21, 2008


Look at Janet's freak-nasty self! For about five minutes during each of her shows on her Rock Witchu Tour, Janet chooses a male fan from her audience and proceeds to change his life forever by making his wildest fantasy come true....just with clothes on and in front of thousands of people! Dude in the pics below was no exception. During her tour stop in Los Angeles, Janet plucked him out of the audience, strapped him into a black harness suspended above the stage and commenced to taunting and teasing him with her raunchy moves before straddling him and 'stimulating' an obscene sex act all while singing Tie me to something, take off all my clothes… my punishment should fit my crime, lyrics from her album's title song Discipline. Janet says, "I've always done a sensual song, on every tour since the Janet Tour. I pick a guy out of the audience - and for the record, I don't know who I'm going to pick; it's a random guy who I think might be good. (For this tour) I had a call-in number, and I asked fans what songs I should do. A lot of fans said I should do a 'sex section.' That's how they worded it - a group of sensual songs."

I ain't even mad at her though! LOL! However, I am mad that my first thought was, 'Why is she freaking and whipping Chris 'Beige Boy' Brown with her phony-pony hair piece?! Her face all up close and personal in his crotch area and whatnot!' But as I looked a little bit closer I realized it wasn't Chris. Dude in the pic looks more like Essé. I'm pretty sure you all have seen at least one Essé in your lifetime. Then again, he can also pass as a thicker version of El DeBarge.



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