Sunday, September 7, 2008


Looks like the next L.S.G. wannabes will never be. R&B supergroup T.G.T. which consisted of R&B male singers Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank has decided to nix plans of releasing an album, blaming label politics for the project's downfall. In 2007, the trio announced plans to hit the studio together and release a collection of tracks under their new moniker. But Ginuwine (real name Elgin Lumpkin) has now revealed the disc has been put on hold indefinitely; although they've found a way around all the legal issues to release some songs to fans. He says, "Due to label and legal issues, we will not be able to release an official TGT album. However, we did make some amazing music which will appear on each of our respective albums." Ginuwine, who recently signed a new record deal with Notifi Records, will release his sixth studio album next year in 2009.

Like Ginuwine, Tyrese isn't sitting around twiddling his thumbs waiting for the next gig to fall in his lap. The singer/actor is busy making movies and running his own record label called Headquarter Entertainment. He has already signed the first act to his record label....a hip-hop/rock group who to by the name of Life Nine. Tyrese says he believes the male quintet's 'Rock-N-Hop' sound - which mixes the genres of rock, R&B and hip-hop - will appeal to music fans across the board and propel them to instant chart success. "After I heard the song Take Me There, I knew that I had the opportunity to be an integral part of something special. "I am truly excited about the undeniable potential of Life Nine." You can also check out Tyrese when he stars in violent new action film Death Race where his plays a thugged out jail prisoner named MAChine Gun Joe. (Read full movie synopsis HERE). He says, "I got so dark in this film... I stayed in character and I never came out. People really thought that I was MAChine Gun Joe. I'm not even a method actor but I had to jump into what I consider method acting on this. When I had the guys following me around in the prison yard, I ran the prison yard and I had to keep that hat on because I know a lot of people that have actually been to prison and ran prison yards. I want them to be the ones to walk up to me and say, 'Yo you did your s**t in this movie!'"

As for you boy Tank. Well, when yall find out what he's been up to, let me know....cause I have no idea.


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