Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"There are a lot of things that people don't realize about the differences between Beyonce and me. Our age difference, for one. Sure, we're tight now, but we weren't as close when we were kids because Beyonce is five years older... I was barely aware of what she was doing, so it's not like I grew up saying, 'I want to do what Beyonce does and be just like her!' It wasn't a Disney story....."Even though we're very different people, I do not want to be cast as 'the anti-Beyonce'. They call me that on the Internet. It bothers me to think that people who don't like her want to like me - for that reason alone. These people don't even know her."

--Solange Knowles defending her sister, insisting their differences shouldn't prompt fans to pick sides between the pair. The singer has hit out at the press since embarking on her own music career, admitting relentless comparisons to her older sister have made it difficult to step out of Big Bey's shadow. But Solange insists despite their differences the pair have always supported each other's artistic endeavors. However, Beyonce says she tried to convince her little sister to not to follow in her footsteps for fear that she'd struggle to cope in the intense music industry. Beyonce admits she is fiercely protective of Solange, 22.

"I didn't want her to go into the entertainment business. This industry involves a lot of pressure...."I am so lucky to have her. We talk on the phone all night. I've been at all of her video shoots, even the ones that take 28 hours."

Needless to say, Solange failed to heed her sister's advice, and has gone on to pursue her own singing career albeit under the watchful eye of Beyonce.



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