Sunday, August 19, 2007


She may have had an extravagant Caribbean wedding -- one fit for royalty -- in Turks & Caicos, but that doesn't stop LisaRaye McCoy-Misick from getting down to the nitty gritty when it comes to her work. The 'Player's Club' actress, whose CW sitcom 'All of Us' was recently canceled, is getting back into the swing of things with a lead role in the upcoming chit'lin circuit stageplay 'Angela Dunlap's Gossip, Lies & Secrets.'

Former Miss USA and actress Kenya Moore and one-time platinum-selling R&B singer Blu Cantrell joins McCoy-Misick in a tantalizing tale about three entertainment industry-related women bound by an unspoken commitment to be each other's confidant and best friend. After a string of bad investments, distracting relationships, and dead end writing jobs, authoress Sydney St. Croix (McCoy-Misick) finds herself at the end of her financial rope and needs to round up her "partners in crime." Her solution: call her friends and get together for their ritual "sister girl sessions," where "no holds barred" secrets are revealed and boundaries are crossed. After an evening of sharing intimate and sometimes incriminating confessions and secrets, the ladies renew their weekly pact to "never tell another soul" about what has occurred.All of that is fine and dandy until the ringleader gets her big break after being approached by a major publisher who commissions her to write a novel. It is in that moment of sheer desperation that she makes a plot-twisting decision to save her career by breaking the sacred pact of her friends and divulge her best friends' (one an R&B diva, the other a TV star) innermost secrets... all of them.

Popular character actor Clifton Powell, former R&B singer and sex symbol Christopher Williams, urban theater sensation Patrice Lovely ('When A Woman's Fed Up' and 'Men, Money & Golddiggers') and husband and wife chit'lin circuit veterans Lia and Tony Grant round out the cast of 'Gossip, Lies & Secrets.'

Dunlap is an acclaimed writer, director and producer who helmed the hit stageplays, 'If These Hips Could Talk,' which starred legendary actor Billy Dee Williams and Tichina Arnold, and one of the highest grossing stageplays of all time, 'Why Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?'

The show kicks off Sept. 29 in Newark, New Jersey and will play 15 cities in total before wrapping up in Detroit during Thanksgiving week.'

Angela Dunlap's Gossip, Lies & Secrets' Tour dates are below.

September 29 - 30 Newark, New Jersey Newark Symphony Hall
October 2 – 7 New York, New York The Beacon Theatre
October 9 – 17 Washington, DC The Warner Theatre
October 16 – 18 Jacksonville, Florida The Times Union Center
October 19 Birmingham, Alabama The Boutwell Auditorium
October 20 – 21 Nashville, Tennessee The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC)
October 23 – 27 Atlanta, Georgia The Atlanta Civic Center
October 28 - Tampa, Florida Tampa Performing Arts Center
October 30 – 31 Charleston, South Carolina North Charleston Performing Arts Center (PAC)
November 1 - Tallahassee, Florida Leon County Civic Center
November 2 – 3 Columbia, South Carolina The Township Auditorium
November 4 - Augusta, Georgia Bell Auditorium
November 6 - 11 Houston, Texas The Hobby Center
November 13 - 18 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Merriam Theatre
November 20 - 25 Detroit, Michigan The Music Hall


Anonymous said...

You need to change that "tell a niggah, tell a hoe" coon type shyt you got up in your blog heading! Damn I thought you were above that. Tsk , Tsk and a mother FN TSK!

SouthernBlackGurl said...

As a matter of fact, my mom and sister brought that to my attention and they want me to take it off, which I will do because I've discovered that just as many ordinary people from the web visit my blog as does my family members.

I guess I just got so used to posting anyting I wanted on any random messageboard on the net that I forgot to leave.

Thanks for the reminder. I've been busting my behind trying to figure out how to place these ads on my blog, that I feel like I'm going out of my mind! LOL!

Sorry if I offended you, though.

Oh, and I don't have any kids. NO WAY! Ain't ready for that yet by a long shot!

Rowland said...

This can't work in reality, that's what I think.
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