Sunday, August 19, 2007


In a recent poll taken by the popular women’s website, 78% of the respondents claim that the entertainer Usher’s recent wedding drama hurt his image. Usher’s relationship overcame a series of ups and downs as the 28 year old singer prepared to wed 37 year old Tameka Foster. Rumors circulated that the marriage was cancelled and that Foster had faked a pregnancy in order to get the singer to return her calls. To the surprise of Usher’s audience, the two were married on the weekend of August 7th. Prior to the wedding, Usher was reported to have called several prominent radio show hosts to ask them to stop making jokes about his fiancé. Prominent host Tom Joyner claimed that Usher threatened to “whoop my a…” in response to his jokes. Wendy Williams of WBLS and Angela Martinez of Hot 97 were also reported to have received calls from the singer. “Usher’s drama was likely a publicity stunt to get attention for his upcoming album,” says Stacey Gentles, Editor-in-Chief of “But you don’t need to declare holy matrimony in order to promote your album.”

When asked if Usher should have married Tameka Foster, 67% of the respondents either said “Probably not” or “Definitely not”. Additionally, 2/3 of the respondents consider themselves to be Usher fans, though most are not happy with his recent actions.

“The FIERCE411 poll reveals that Usher may have become the Tom Cruise of the black community”, says Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University Professor and author of “What if George Bush were a Black Man?" “Usher doesn’t want to go to war with gossip columnists and the media, because that can get ugly real fast.”

And in more Usher related news, AOL Blackvoices celebrity news journalist, Jawn Murray, says his inside sources has revealed to him that the singer is now being managed by music mogul Antonio 'LA' Reid.

Now that Reid is apparently representing Usher, whom he has known since signing him to LaFace Records when he was 13-years-old, it makes sense because he has vested interest in the star now and didn't want to be fired like Usher's mom/manager Jonetta Patton. When Patton refused to accept Usher's relationship with former stylist Foster, the singer retaliated by canning her days before Mother's Day. Reid on the other hand, opened up his backyard in The Hamptons for that ill-fated initial ceremony. In addition to Reid, Usher has also brought on über -talent manager Benny Medina (Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey) and NoonTime's Chris Hicks (who is the cousin of Foster's ex-husband Ryan Glover) as consultants.

A rep for Usher denied that Reid is the singer's new manager. "This is totally false," said Usher's rep Patti Webster.

In addition, did you notice how initially all of Usher's exclusives (engagement announcement, pregnancy announcement and wedding information) were given to People magazine? The reason Us Weekly is now getting all of the exclusive updates from the modern day (Nippy)Whitney Houston and (Nappy) Bobby Brown is because People magazine began researching the information being sent over by Usher's camp and realized it wasn't checking out. "Once People discovered that Foster had never checked into St. Vincent's Medical Center in New York and that wasn't the reason the wedding was called off, they questioned Usher's camp on it. Instead of responding, team Usher began offering their exclusives to Us Weekly," said a source close the situation.

Sources: Fierce411; Jawn Murray, AOL BlackVoices

HERE'S MY 2 BROWN PENNIES...BETTER YET, I'LL GIVE YALL A WHOLE NICKEL: I've mentioned this before and I'm going to mention it again: To say he's starting to look and sound like a lil bitch is an understatment. Usher gon keep mucking up and around this time next year (after their lil monchi-chi/chimp of a child is born) he's gonna end up looking, sounding and behaving like an even-more mucked-up version of Bobby Brown. And that is not a good look. Then several years from now, he'll show up to Chris Brown's 25th birthday party trying to start a fight with him (the same way Bobby Brown showed up at his 25th birthday party to physically put him in his place) while yelling "You took my spot! You are taking away my shine! I should be on stage, not you!" before being escorted off the premises by Chris's security team...which will probably be the same security team his ol ghetto billy-goat ass fired when he hooked up with TaMonkey...I meant Man-Man, my bad, I meant to say that Old Walking Negro Spiritual...what's her name again?Tameka? Yeah, yeah, that's who I meant. Tameka.


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