Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well, yall, it looks as if the folks over at BET are gearing up for another season of brand new shows as well as returning series that just may become some of the most non-entertaining shows since....last season! I'm just playing! One thing I ain't playing about is that Take the Cake. They can get rid of that. Well, no, let me rephrase that: they can replace Toccara with someone else because no one should be subjected to hearing her annoying ass voice night after night. Ugh, God! Who told her she has a voice fit for television? Either she's overacting, being too extra (or whatever you want to call it) or she's just...damn, annoying. Did I tell yall that I had to put my tv on mute while watching/listening to her on the BET awards? Yes, it was that serious. And that's real talk right there. Trust.

Anywhoo, read on to see what's new and what shows are coming back. From the looks of it, BET may have a little sum'em-sum'em for just about everyone. I found more than a couple that yanked my attention.

Premiering Tuesday, October 30 at 10:30PM
• The sophomore season of the hit reality series documents the life of platinum-selling R&B songstress Keyshia Cole. In the news season, BET takes viewers on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes journey of Keyshia's personal growth and challenges, including her efforts to rebuild an already strained relationship with her mother.

Premiering Tuesday, October 23 at 10PM
• Following the success of College Hill 4, the highest-rated series in BET history, College Hill: Interns will follow 10 college students from around the country who move to Chicago to participate in a summer internship. While juggling their professional responsibilities and late night partying, these college students will learn the harsh reality of what it means to hold down a job. Dr. Ian Smith, host of BET's Meet the Faith serves as their advisor.

Premiering Tuesday, October 2 at 8PM
• Building on the success of Celebration of Gospel, BET introduces a nationwide search for America's next great gospel singer. Hosted by platinum-selling artist Kirk Franklin, the show searches for talent in storefront churches, parishes and mega-churches. Grammy Award-winning gospel superstars Bebe Winans and dynamic singing duo Mary Mary will judge the contestants each week while also nurturing the talented singers. The top five finalists will be coached by artists from the gospel and secular worlds as they strive to win the “Sunday Best” title. The winner will receive a recording contract, a Toyota Camry, as well as cash and prizes for their home church.

Premiering Sunday, September 9 at 9PM
Bobby Jones Gospel continues to be one of the highest-rated and longest-running shows on BET. This hour-long program, hosted by popular gospel entertainer Bobby Jones, gets viewers in the spirit with gospel artists and choirs from around the country. Watch the show and be blessed!

Premiering Tuesday, October 2, at 9PM
• BET takes a look into the complex lives of inspirational leaders in this biography series profiling ministers from around the country. Some of these strong religious figures lead mega-churches, advise the President, and comfort the sick and destitute. The show goes beyond the public image to reveal the human side of these men and women to discover why they chose to follow this path, what sacrifices they made and the struggles they've encountered along the way.

Premiering Wednesday, October 3 at 10PM
• Narrated by award-winning actor Ving Rhames, the critically acclaimed show returns for a second season with 10 all-new episodes chronicling the life and times of some of African-America's most notorious crime figures. Some of this season's profiles include Larry Hoover, The Black Philly Mafia and Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, as well as an exclusive interview with Frank Lucas, the real-life character that Denzel Washington portrays in the upcoming film American Gangster.

Premiering Wednesday, October 17 at 8PM
• BET shocked "Hotlanta" on November 15, 2006 with its first Hip Hop Awards, which drew 3.64 million viewers. This year's ceremony will pay homage to the genre of hip-hop, and viewers won't want to miss the off-the-hook performances and appearances by the biggest names in the game.

Premiering: Part I Tuesday, September 25 at 8PM; Part II Wednesday, September 26 at 8PM; Part III Wednesday, September 26 at 9PM on
•BET News takes a powerful and compelling look at the state of hip-hop today. Hosted by BET's own Toure and Jeff Johnson, this special showcases a candid, heated forum that will allow audiences to hear the opinions of prominent leaders in the hip-hop industry, the political realm, academia and the black church. Hip-hop recording artists Nelly, T.I., Mike Jones, MC Lyte, Master P. and the legendary Chuck D; top journalists Keith Boykin, Diane Weathers, Jeff Chang, Farai Chideya, Kim Osorio and New York Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch; filmmaker and cultural critic Nelson George; Judge Mablean Ephraim; former video vixens Melyssa Ford and Karrine Steffans; music executives Valeisha Butterfield and Benny Boom; ministers Conrad Tillard, Pastor A. R. Bernard; professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson; and Reverend Al Sharpton lead the lists of outspoken panelists who take the stage and share their point of view on hip-hop.


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