Thursday, September 13, 2007



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SOMEONE SPILLED THE BEANS!!! CHRIS BROWN IS DATING 20 year old Kandis Lawson from Washington DC. She is a singer and a model but rumor has it she is not sure whether she wants to pursue a music career.. and unknown source gave me this quote:"I've looked at the things Chris is going through and it makes me second guess this business"They have reportedly been dating since the beggining of the summer and check this.. the song "Throwed" which was released on the net a couple of weeks ago is rumored to be about Ms. Lawson. He called himself "going back to his roots" by using the native Washington DC "GO-GO" music to sernade his young mistress in secret.Also "Take you down", and "Kiss Kiss" are rumored to be songs about her as well. Also if you listen closely to the "Wall to Wall" track he actually says her name but tries so muffle it so no one will understand.. YOUR BOY IS TAKEN.Kandis also known as Ms. Hollywood is not famous at all and no one is able to find her for questioning but her's her private myspace page address: (we couldn't find her music page)

Chris claims to not know who Kandis is... but fans have reportedly seen pictures of her with Chris's mom.

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