Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Usher hosted the launch party his new women's cologne, Usher She last night in Cipriani's in New York City. Surprisingly, his mother, Jonetta was in attendance sporting a brand new hair-do! And coincidentally, Usher's pregnant wife, HeMeka...I meant Tameka wasn't. I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that some sort of an agreement was made in which Jonetta would attend the function only if her wicked daughter-in-law stayed away. Anywhoo, a handful of celebs such as Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Fonzworth Bentley, Gayle King, Ludacris and Beyonce came out to help Usher celebrate the occasion.

Now, as for that cologne he's launching. It hasn't been receiving any good reviews lately.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: reporter Nedra Rhone tested it out and had this to say: "We finally got a whiff of Usher’s new juice and frankly we weren’t too thrilled. The general consensus around here was that Usher She had a strange smelling top note, while Usher He was a bit generic. Someone said it smelled it a little too “Davidoff Cool Water.” Another in office quote: “Maybe he should stick to music.” wasn't any nicer: "As we previously mentioned, Usher is yet another celebrity putting out a fragrance this year. Well, the women's perfume and men's cologne finally hit the shelves this week and word is that the scents are funky--and not in a good way. We're surprised that fans aren't feeling Tameka Foster's bottled musk. NOT!"

And the review from Sandra Rose's blog was the worst...and funniest: Usher fans: 'Your cologne STINKS!' "One well placed music industry executive who received several complimentary bottles of Usher's cologne said the fragrance is, "the worst sh*t I've ever smelled in my life!" The exec recounts wearing the fragrance into the office and inadvertently emptying out the room. "I ended up sending an assistant to get baby wipes to wipe it off," he said."


Well, at least his mom supports him in this venture. Her presence at this event says it all: oh, yes, she'll support her baby when he's getting his business- man on, but marrying a gor-ree-rah (that's how Eddie Murphy's Chinese character in Norbit described Rasputia!) who she knows for a fact isn't good for him is a whole different story! Mama knows yall. All of them know! I thought I'd never get over my last boyfriend. My mama told me, 'Yes, the hell you will, now shut the f*ck up and get out of my face.' About 2 months later, I was over him. My mama said, 'Didn't I tell your ass that the first time?' LOL!

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