Sunday, September 23, 2007


I came across a couple of photoshoot pics of actress Vivica A. Fox in Essence magazine's January 2005 issue. Hard to believe these pics were only taken nearly 2 years ago. Fox graced that particular issue's cover and coincidentally, that was the same year she produced The Salon (which should be available on DVD by now)--a film in which she also starred. Kym E. Whitley, Darrin Henson, Taral Hicks, Monica Calhoun, Dondre Whitfield and Terrence Howard co-star in the film.

Fox has been keeping busy lately. Besides starring along her new BFF Jessica Simspon, in Major Movie Star (slated for released in 2008, ex-Girlfriends co-star Jill Marie Jones' is also in this movie), Fox is also starring in Caught On Tape; the film, directed and written by rapper Sticky Fingaz. The 'plot' revolves around a little boy who uses the video camera he received as a birthday gift to spy on his mother's boyfriend who is plotting a crime. Although this film has been 'in production' since 2006, it still has no official release date. Did I mention that this film is labeled as a 'musical'? Excuse me: a 'hardcore musical.'
Oh, and according to Fingaz, there's a lot of violence, lots of sex, action, drama and a whole of sentiment and romance as well. 'It's the first time this have ever been done,' he says.

Tell me about it.

Did I also neglect to mention Or that this movie will also serve as Kevin Federline's big-screen (that's if it doesn't go straight-to-video first) debut? And can someone please tell me why do I feel like I have wasted entirely too much time on this blog entry?

Below and after the cut, check out the pictures of the cast and crew on the set. And is it me or is Bokeem Woodbine the most sterotyped ni99ah in Hollywood. I swear this dude stays playing crazy-ass criminals.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! vivica's as different as night and day in those pics. wow.

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