Saturday, October 20, 2007


The Bold and the Beautiful soap star Hunter Tylo's (who plays Taylor Hayes Marone) 19-year-old son Michael 'Mickey' Tylo, Jr. was pronounced dead last night (Friday, October 19) after being found floating in the swimming pool at his family's home in Clark County. According to, the death is currently under investigation and toxicology tests have been requested.

Hunter has endured much tragedy in her life, as her youngest daughter Katya was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, and was forced to have her eye removed and replaced by a glass eye. Hunter was also involved in a very high profile lawsuit against Aaron Spelling, after she was fired from Melrose Place for being pregnant (with daughter Izabella). She won a nearly $5 million judgment from the producer.

A rep for The Bold and the Beautiful, on which Hunter has been a cast member on and off for 16 years, would not comment.

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