Saturday, October 20, 2007


Damon Wayans morphed into his infamous 'Homey D. Clown' character (from In Living Color) after a member of the probing paparazzi asked the comedian to smile for his camera. Wayans, who had just had dinner at Mr. Chow restaurant with his adorable granddaughter...yep, Damon is a grandfather!, replied, 'Homey don't play that.' What was even funnier was the fact that the photog had absolutely no idea what Wayans was talking about!

But that situation wasn't as nearly as funny as an incident which took place last spring. When a group of female fans thought they spotted Damon and his girlfriend leaving Parc Nighclub in Hollywood, they commenced to getting their groupie scream on something proper-like! One female was heard yelling at the top of her lungs, 'DAMON WAYANS!' Only problem was it wasn't was Damon's big brother Keenen Ivory Wayans leaving the popular hotspot with his girlfriend and actress Brittany Daniel of The CW's comedy sitcom series The Game. Some kind of fans they are!! LOL!

I just thought I'd share that information with you all this Saturday morning. Shooot, I don't know about yall, but both stories were funny as hell to me! Oh, and before yall ask, I don't know what the hell happened to that car door! LOL!

Current New York City resident, Tyra Banks was spotted arriving in Los Angeles. The model-turned-media-mogul moved her self-titled talk show to the Big Apple over the summer.


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