Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Diana Ross' baby boy Evan, has crossed over and is now doing big thangs on the big screen. Evan is set to star opposite former Disney Channel teen-superstar-turned-pop star, Hilary Duff in Greta, a saga of an interracial teen romance. The Lizzie McGuire star plays the title role of a waitress, who falls in love with her colleague (Evan Ross), a cook at the restaurant they work, according to Hollywood Reporter. After they take their relationship to the next level, their blissful interracial romance turns into a blistering debacle when Greta's old fashioned grandparents (played by Ellen Burstyn, Michael Murphy) discover her boo's criminal background.

The dramedy has begun shooting on location in New Jersy. The film, produced by Whitewater production, is being helmed by Nancy Bardawil, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In related news, Evan has also finished shooting Black Water Transit opposite Laurence Fishburne, as well as Brooklyn to Manhattan, Life is Hot in Cracktown and Linewatch.

Damn, Evan is working harder than his big sister, Tracee!


TivoliEclipse said...

Could you people find a more unattractive photo of Evan? Come on -- a simple screenshot of one of the Interview photos would do, but there are a catalog of others. Stop acting stupid!

Anthony said...

In addition ( My 2 cents ) they should have cast someone more darker for the role because although he is "bi-racial", which is so a misnomer, people born of two different ethnic parents should be called "Bi-ethnic" only. The issue of race is strictly a myth. Anyway, he's closer to looking white anyway and the only reason why he can't be considered white is due to the racist policies of this country. In South Africa, he would be White - Only. No questions asked. His casting with her is a mismatch. There should be someone more identifiably black in color not in who their parents are.

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