Wednesday, October 3, 2007


SOHH recently spoke with Trina about her new single and Lil' Wayne. On September 26, 2007 Trina confirmed with SOHH that the song, Single Again, has now been officially released. "The first single is dropping today (September 26)," Trina told SOHH. "I've been working on this album over the past year and I think it's a great reflection of my growth musically, lyrically, production-wise. I wanted to try different things. I wanted people to say, 'Wow that is a different kind of record for her.' I see a whole level of difference with myself and I'm excited about that."

Asked whether she is indeed "single again," Trina laughed before responding, "I knew that would be the next question. I am in a very great place in my life. I am very happy." While Trina was previously romantically linked to Lil' Wayne, the self-proclaimed "Baddest Bitch" was tight-lipped when questioned about the New Orleans rapper. "He's a great person, he's a great guy," Trina said before adding that Weezy is "definitely" a friend.

Trina says her fourth album Da Baddest Chick Reloaded will be hitting stores on February 12, 2008. The album includes production from Cool & Dre, Scott Storch and The Runners, among others.

Find out what Trina and Checkers Drive-In restaurants have in common after the jump!

In related news, Checkers Drive-In Restaurant, the largest double drive through restaurant chain in the United States, has teamed up with superstar rapper Trina and her Diamond Dolls Foundation to grant two inner city kids the chance to go on a shopping spree with the talent lyricist. As part of their guest appreciation days from October 1st to October 6th, Trina will appear at the Checkers location at 8000 N.W 7th Ave, in Liberty City Florida, from 1pm to 2pm on Saturday, October 6th. During her appearance, Trina will sign autographs, take pictures and conduct a drawing in which she will take two deserving kids shopping at a local mall the very same day. The day will also feature a myriad of activities including bounces houses, face painting, live music, a burger eating contest with $250 being the grand prize, ticket giveaways to the Homestead Motor Speedway and a Miami Heat 6 game pack giveaway to be done at 6:30 PM.

The shopping spree drawing is one of two new endeavors for Trina, who is preparing to launch a series of lifestyle brands. The brands, which will consist of designer jeans and fragrances, will be unveiled in 2008.



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