Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Alright everybody listen up! I'm going to go ahead and put this out in the cyber-universe (and beyond if need be) AND I'm only going to say this one time...and one time only. Well, don't quote me on that...cause nine times out of ten, after I actually see the movie, chances are I'll say it again. But I especially want to address it here it is: up until now, many may remember Lamman Rucker (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE NEWS ON LAMMAN RUCKER ON BLACKCELEBRITYMEN.BLOGSPOT.COM!) displaying his superb acting skills from his previous, mediocre television roles in As the World Turns, All My Children, Law & Order, All of Us as well as Half & Half), nothing really big. But lately I've been getting this vibe from him...and it's a good one, too. But seriously though, after this movie is released and it blowuptuates, expect to see Lamman get his Hollywood shine on!

From my understanding, Rucker currently filming (or has either wrapped up) a big screen adaptation loosely based on Perry's stage play, Meet the Browns alongside his Why Did I Get Married? co-star Denise Boutte. Angela Bassett, Rick Fox, and Irma P. Hall also star in the film which is scheduled to be released in theaters in 2008. As if that wasn't enough, Rucker and Boutte will also star in the sitcom series of the same title, which is still in production, according to So, yes, I see his resume becoming increasingly long in the next couple of years. And that's real talk.

Without sounding too un-Southern-lady-like, I can also see him getting more ass than a toilet seat! That's if he ain't already getting it! Trust. I'm about to change my name to Tidy Bowl or sumthin'. Just jokes, yall! Well, not really. Okay, just a little bit of alot, but not too, too much. Sort of like an iota of a little bit...well, not iota exactly. Mediocre? Whatever! Yall know what I'm trying to say!

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lammanruckerluvr said...

Yes, his career is reaching the plateau as predicted! And no, you don't sound unlady like for your comment about him receiving more ass than a toilet bowl! BTW, that is a really cool (and a very sexy) comment. I have never heard it put that way before :) If he is anything like what he stands for publicly regarding sex then, 'maybe' as long as he is wrapped up! (I would love to be one to find out.) And who knows for sure huh? I haven't heard anything about his personal/intimate moral standpoint, so we don't really know do we? We can all assume that he has the typical male behavior, but one never knows, He can be quite different behind closed doors and everyone knows that when something that personal becomes abundant, some celebrity men will simply shy away when they have more to loose, and are concerned with health -due to the drama that behavior can create and I do believe he loves his career! Enuf of that! He is an outstanding actor even back in his ATWT and AMC days! I am a longtime follower. He is a multidimensional actor in whatever role he lands. Once he left the 'stories' soaps, I stopped watching, but kept up with him. All the best to you Lamman, you have a fan/friend/supporter in me!

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