Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Trick Daddy ain't the only Miami rapper who loves the kids. I told you all in an earlier post that Trina had teamed up with the Checkers Drive-In Restaurant chain to grant 2 deserving inner city kids the chance to go on a shopping spree with the Miami rapper at a local mall. Over the weekend, Trina participated in a meet-and-greet at a Checkers location in Liberty City, Florida where she conducted the random drawing. During the meet and greet, the other kids delighted themselves in a myriad of activities including bounces houses, face painting, live music, a burger eating contest with $250 being the grand prize, ticket giveaways to the Homestead Motor Speedway and a Miami Heat 6 game pack giveaway.

Check out the pics below. Click images to view full size.

After the jump, read Trina's interview and view her pictures in Miami's Ocean Drive magazine.


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