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Jermaine Dupri continues to pound the pavement for promotion of his new memoir, Young, Rich and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul, which hits bookstores next Tuesday, October, 16, 2007. Dupri and his daughter, Shaniah, cover next week's (October 22) edition of Jet magazine. I'm not sure if some of you know this or not, but Usher's song Confessions, which was written by Dupri, is based on true events that took place in his life...not Usher's. And coincidentally, Shaniah is the result of those events. I don't think I need to explain exactly what happened, because if you've listened to Confessions, then everything is pretty self-explanatory.

Below you'll find another excerpt from Dupri's memoir. In this poignant chapter, the mogul talks about how he had to come to grips with accepting and acknowledging his baby girl--a baby he conceived with a woman (Pam Sweat, no relation to Keith Sweat) he barely knew.

He says: "I got in touch with Pam. As soon as the reality of the situation sunk in, I was desperate to see my new baby girl. I wasn't sure what to do at first. I always had plenty of pets but I never had any contact with little babies before. I was nervous I might drop her. Then, after less than a minute of holding her, this feeling, almost like a chemical reaction, kicked in. All those feelings of love and protectiveness just welled up inside me and I became a daddy. My throat went all tight and my eyes welled up. Even now, nine years later, I just can't believe that I had something to do with creating this little girl. It's almost surreal."

Bless his heart.

Jermaine also reveals the much deserved scrutiny placed on men, especially the wealthy men in the entertainment industry, who have the funds to take care of their child as well as their baby mama, but choose not to.

You can read that excerpt and peek a pic of Pam & Shaniah after the jump!

"Someone in my position has to take care of his child and his baby mama. It's a point of honor that you set them up in a house, pay the bills, and give the mother of your child a monthly check so she can stay home and look after your baby. You've got the money so there's no excuse. In this industry, if you don't look after your baby AND your baby mama, you're an asshole. It's a code that makes guys like me a target."


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Anonymous said...

I wonder how Janet feels. He has a responsiblity to his daughter not to the mama. What is going to happen when she turns 18 and the child supports stops.

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