Friday, October 12, 2007


What in the hell is going on with Bobby Brown?! First, he denies having a 'mild heart attack' on Tuesday--claiming he didn't know where that 'story' came from. Now, not only is there reportedly video footage of his bi-polar ass admitting he had a heart attack, there's also photos of him laid up in a hospital bed with IV's running through his arms. As if that wasn't enough, Brown also reportedly relayed a 'goodbye' message to friends and family before giving 'the bird' to Whitney. Oh, yeah, now that says a lot about a man who thinks he's in grave danger. Is this his way of putting a little bit of attention on himself? Or is this a sick case of publicity at its worst?

As Bobby Brown was wrapping up his telephone press tour Wednesday to deny reports that he had suffered a mild heart attack, a photo of the singer was making its way around the Internet that appeared to show him in a hospital bed hooked up to IVs and a heart monitor. Brown spoke with EUR's Lee Bailey, AP Radio and other outlets Wednesday afternoon to deny reports from his lawyer that he was taken to the hospital with chest pains that were later diagnosed to be a mild heart attack. The singer said he had gone to the hospital, but only to get a check-up in advance of an upcoming tour. However, a photograph first published on Web site X17 showing him in a hospital bed and hooked to various tubes suggests that Brown's visit was of a more serious nature.

Here's the alleged transcript taken from the alleged video footage of Brown in the hospital:

“This is…uh, Bobby Brown…ah, I’m about to go under the knife. So, uh, whatever happens - I know, uh, nothing’s guaranteed, so - um, I want to tell my kids I love you. Sisters, my mother, my father, I love y’all dearly. Um…to whomever it may concern, um, this ain’t about nothing else, y’know, um, uh, had a heart attack, y’know and um,..Y’know this is, this is really messed up, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, so, um…Just know I love you all, y’know, and um…Take care yourselves, I love you. All my boys, New Edition, uh, peace, man.”


“Um…My little girls, y’all know what to do with life, y’know, if daddy ain’t coming home tomorrow, y’know. But hopefully I’ll be there soon. Um…y’all just take care of each other, ai’ght? Peace.”

Interviewer: “Any secrets you wanna tell?”
Bobby: “Yeah, man…Um…I’m in love with you, Alicia. Uh…Whitney (holds up middle finger). (Laughs.)

Bobby: No, uhh. Nah, no secrets. Um…mmm. Shit. And drugs had nothing to do with it, I’ve been clean for two and a half years, so don’t worry about it. I still drink a little alcohol every now and then, though. That’s basically it. And, man, make sure my babies get this, man. (Unintelligible).”

Bobby lies back, groaning, rubbing his head, then startles when he sees the camera.

Bobby: ”Yo! What the fuck’s that?”

Man: “What’s up, man?”

Bobby: “Yo, man…Nurse!”

This niggah, here!


Dimendaruff said...

if this isn't an example of a damn loser i dont know what is..

linzo012003 said...

I cant believe the camera's was all in the room while he was sleep, or at the window. Let the man get some rest. and get back to good health... But Bobby!!!Stay off the drugs.

Jarred said...

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