Monday, October 15, 2007


There are a few Hollywood girlfriends who have each made a name for themselves, but have also managed to keep their rock-solid bond. Tinseltown gal pals Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell-Martin, Vivica A. Fox and LisaRaye McCoy-Missick and Star Jones Reynolds and Vanessa Bell Calloway, are a few celebrity galpals who haven't let the spotlight steal the shine from their friendship.

CHILDHOOD FRIENDS: Arnold and Campbell-Martin, who met each other when they were just 11 years old, are so close that their relationship has sparked rumors in the past and even more recently about them being more than friends. Arnold says, 'We have never had any other relationship other than our sisterhood. People do that with Oprah and Gayle. Most of the time it's people who have no business of their own. I know we're going to be friends until the day we die. God has already told me. Our friendship is so tight and strong, we don't give a damn about those rumors. We have stood the test of time and the obstacles. We've passed every test. The wonderful and authentic thing about our friendship is that we started so early in life and we got a chance to really learn each other.' Campbell-Martin, who has been married to actor Duane Martin for over 11 years chimed in, 'Why can't people be best friends without somebody trying to tear it down? For anyone to do that to Oprah and Gayle, that's dumb. Or to my husband and Will or to me and Tichina, it's stupid.'

With the close bond these two share, it's no surprise that Campbell-Martin is the godmother of Arnold's 3-year-old daughter, Alijah, while Arnold is the godmother to Campbell-Martin's 6-year-old son, Xen.

DEVOTED DIVAS: Unlike Campbell-Martin and Arnold, Fox and McCoy-Misick have only been the best of friends for a little over a decade. Fox had already established herself as an A-list actress when she met and embraced McCoy-Misick--who had just arrived on the Hollywood scene-- in 1995. LisaRaye describes Fox as a 'very loyal person. She's like a ride-or-die type of friend.' Fox said LisaRaye's 'humble spirit' made it easy for them to become friends. 'I'm from Indiana and she's from Chicago. We kind of got that Midwest flavor with a little bit of ghetto chic in it. Our friendship has survived the spotlight because we know that good thing called space. I don't need to be up in your world and you don't need to be up in mine. We can do that and not feel neglected. Now she's the first lady and running a country. I'm on the road and producing films. We do make time for each other with phone calls.'

SORORTIY SISTERS: Jones Reynolds and Bell Calloway aren't only best friends, they're also sorority sisters. The two met at the 1988 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Boule in Los Angeles where Calloway was the keynote speaker during an undergraduate luncheon. 'I was awestruck by how smart, beautiful and accomplished this Black woman was...and she was the star. So all I wanted to do was meet my favorite actress,' says Jones Reynolds. Calloway said, 'It was something about her standing up trying to get my attention. It was her spirit. We left and went to see a movie. We've been best friends ever since. I can't imagine my life without Star being my best friend She's my sister.'

Jone Reynolds added, 'Celebrity has never defined our friendship. We always laugh that, 'whoever got the hook up has to hook everybody else up' and that has always been our rule. We recognize that celebrity is fleeting, but friendship is forever. Don't ever try to come in between us; we know where every bone is buried, because quite frankly, we helped bury them together.'


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