Monday, October 15, 2007


Believe it or not, Janet Jackson can't relate to the life of drama that Britney Spears continues to endure. Although they were both child stars who became international pop music icons, and even both got too close for comfort to Justin Timberlake, Miss Jackson (if you're nasty) doesn't think there's much of a comparison between the two. Read what the original 'Nasty' girl exclusively told -- The BV Newswire.

"People are very quick to pass judgment on others but they never know what a person is going through and what makes them do certain things. So when people even ask me about Britney [Spears], I say 'Don't ask me, there are too many [assumptions] ... everyone is assuming and everyone is quick to pass judgment but no one really knows what this child is going through."

As reported heavily in the mainstream media, the former chart-topping superstar
recently lost custody of her two young children -- following a series of events that include questionable parenting skills and catastrophic career choices. "I can't even say that I've been there," Jackson said about the possibility that she can relate to Spears. "I don't know what she's going through. I don't have two kids. She's the oldest in her family, I'm the baby. I hear she doesn't really talk to her mother. I've never had that type of relationship with my mother. And I've always had my brothers and sisters. So I don't know what she's going through."

"The only thing we have in common," she concluded, "is that we're both female, we're both into music and we're both in the public eye and we've both been successful at it, and we both have our issues."

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Anonymous said...

I like the way Janet Jackson worded her opinion. She kept it real and non judgemental. Besides Britney is sh!t compared to an icon like Janet. I still think MTV was tryna come up with there YT version of Janet Jackson thru Britney Spears, just because of a Superbowl Incident.

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