Tuesday, October 23, 2007


While promoting her new "M" fragrance, Mariah Carey admitted she wasn't the type to wear perfume everyday until she got a whiff of her own concoction. "This is the first fragrance that I wear," Carey told the Associated Press in an interview Monday. "I'm not really a perfume person at all ... Things that are too strong and overwhelming, that's what I was always not a fan of." Carey says the scent came about after she was approached by Elizabeth Arden. The singer decided to give it a try because of the company's promise to allow her input through all stages of the product's development. "They were welcoming in my involvement just in every detail, and that was what was the most exciting thing to me," said Carey.

The fragrance, she says, is based on various scents that are near and dear to her heart. One is a Moroccan incense; another is a flower called the Living Tahitian Tiare. A third scent, believe it or not, is toasted marshmallows. That aroma was added because it brought back happy memories of her childhood around the campfire. But she adds: "It's blended in there — it's not like you're gonna walk around smelling like marshmallows."

The mixture comes in a purple bottle with her signature butterfly icon on top.



eula_w said...

I love Mariah, her purple dress reminds me of my long lost friend.

I use pheromone cologne, better than any fragrances.

Absolom said...

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