Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Does Mya have any celeb friends? At least one? I'm surprised that I didn't see any celebrities make at least a cameo appearance at the singer's 28th birthday party which was held at Jet nightclub in Las Vegas last week.

Poor Mya can't seem to catch a break these days. Her record label pushed back her fourth studio album, Liberation, to possibly October 23rd (and that's a strong possibly), when it was supposed to have been released months ago. I wouldn't blame her for believing that there is nothing she can do about it but wait until her record label make their move...this may also be the reason why we've been seeing her more at industry parties, fashion shows and other industry-related events...that really doesn't have anything to do with promoting her new album. Mya has recently hired a new manager so maybe he can get the ball rolling for her. Bless her heart.

Also, the singer was involved in a fender-bender earlier this month. According to the Washington Post, Mya, who is from Prince George County, accidentally ran her Escalade into a parked Ford Explorer in Georgetown. And unlike Britney Spears--who just drove away after hitting a parked car in Beverly Hills a couple of months ago--Mya actually sat and patiently waited for the cops to arrive. Police say Mya and Explorer owner just traded info -- no charges filed. Bless her heart.

Check out Mya's birthday pics below...and after the jump.


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