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Word around the web is that former In the House actress and daughter of esteemed author, the late Bebe Moore-Campbell, Maia Campbell is allegedly taking up residence in a California mental hospital. Although details regarding what exactly prompted Campbell's alleged admission into the white 'makes you hug yourself' jackets and padded walls facility is unclear, anyone who knows Campbell's sordid past which includes severe drug abuse, intense mental problems and lack of legitimate work in the entertainment industry can easily contend that these could be the very reasons why the 30-year-old actress (who turns 31 on November day before the first anniversary of her mother's death on November 27, 2006) she has voluntarily (or involuntarily) finally sought the help she so desperately needed.

If this report is indeed true, and I'm really starting to have my doubts (she was just on her official myspace page this past Friday), I'm sure the media will be made aware of it soon enough. This is also the reason why I insist on classifying this particular blog post as a rumor until more concrete, credible details become available.

Moving on to another celeb has-been: Could the following story be deemed as just a random rumor or realer than real?

There's been whispers (and, no, it didn't come from that often-times un-credible mediaFAKEout website) that a black former child actor-turned- porn-actor is planning a comeback with the help of a reality show on VH1 as well as a tell-all book backed by a powerful talk show host whose show she appeared on in 2006. The actor seems to hope that stepping back into the public eye will take her career to the next level. Good luck, girl. You gon need it. As (bad) luck would have it, the actor's life hit below rock bottom once she began starring in adult films at the ripe age of 22 after leaving the cast of the second-longest running comedy with a predominately black cast in the history of American television, surpassed only by The Jeffersons.

Reportedly, her brief stay into the world of adult films were prompted when a judge ruled that her trust fund of over $500,000 be used to save her family from bankruptcy. She later claimed that her parents had squandered her trust fund and she had no money to her name. She also adamantly cried out that she was talked into pornography as an easy way to make money. Hmph, I guess the idea of holding down a regular 9-to-5 or even a job as a Hooter's girl refused to take that journey across her mind, huh?

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Anonymous said...


Lebron'sLovah said...

I knew one of two things would happen once Maia lost her mom:

1. she'd get worst (memtally).

2. she'd finally realize that she had a problem and set out to get the help she needed in order to treat her condition. Not only for her sake, but for her daughter's sake too.

Kappa Sweetheart said...

What the hell does Jamie have to say in a tell-all book that most people don't already know?

Somebody tell that girl to sit her boney ass down.

Anonymous said...

I can see Jaimee getting a reality show. Cameras follow her around as she tries to get work (that doesn't require baring her birthday suit). Can you imagine her going to audition for something and the looks on people's faces once they realize that the same girl they're looking at is the same girl who played lil Judy Winslow who later became the same girl who deep-throated Mandingo in some porno? Priceless. LOL!

CoachCarryingCutie said...

LOL! No you didn't say she could be a Hooter's girl! LOL! That heffah ain''t even got no titties! LMAO!

Off topic: I love your blog, Southern Girl. I also bookmarked it! Keep up the good work. It's good to see a fellow Rattler doing her thang well!

Mitchell said...

All yall ladies some haters! Maiya is still fine. I'd lay her cracked-up ass out for real. All day.

Mitchell said...

My bad. I forgot to tell you to keep doing your thang SG. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Good looking out on them pics of Kim Kardas... or whatever the hell her last name is. You get mad props from me for that, ma.

Kay Dee said...

SG, you know I'm a faithful reader of your blog from the start. And don't think because I don't leave comments that I ain't checking you out cause that ain't the case at all. My 5 year old son is driving me crazy!

I'm just sitting over here wondering how long it's going to be before mediatakout take that Jamie story and claim it as their own 'exclusive'--before adding their one or two lies to it first though!

But dont't worry SG, I'mma remember where I heard it from first though!

Just keep doing you.

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