Friday, November 30, 2007


Rapper Ja Rule has laughed off reports of a rift between the star and his The Inc. label co-founder Irv Gotti, insisting they are "brothers". The Always On Time hitmaker is alleged to be "furious" with Gotti - real name Irving Lorenzo Jr. - because the rap mogul had pushed back Ja's new album, The Mirror, twice from its original release date of 18 September (07). And the hip-hop star - born Jeffrey Atkins - is reportedly angry at Lorenzo for deeming the current tracks on the album too weak, according to the New York Post's gossip column PageSix.

A source says, "Ja is mad because Irv pushed his new record, The Mirror, back again to some time in 2008. Irv tried to release two singles - Uh-Oh and Body - and they got no radio play, so he got nervous. The album was supposed to come out September 18 and was pushed back to November 13 and now has no date except 2008. Irv wants Ja to record over the holidays and Ja feels he's done enough. He's furious."

But a representative for Atkins has denied the pair is at war. Spokeswoman Kim Harris says, "That's not true. They get along very well. They're brothers. (The album) will likely come out in February (08). Ja's going back in the studio to do a couple more tracks. It was a mutual decision."

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