Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The doctor who performed a tummy tuck and breast reduction on the mother of Kanye West is a plastic surgeon to Hollywood's elite and something of a celebrity himself, with a TV show of his own on the Discovery Health Channel's Plastic Surgery: Before and After as well as a host of appearances on programs from Extra to Oprah. Adams also wrote a book titled: Everything Women of Color Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery.

What Dr. Jan Adams hasn't publicized, however, is that the state medical board is investigating whether to revoke or suspend his license over 2 alcohol-related arrests (the photo in the upper left-hand corner is his mug shot from late last year.); that he has been the target of malpractice lawsuits; and that he's paid out nearly $500,000 in civil settlements. Adams, through his spokesman Kevin Williams, confirmed for The Associated Press that he operated on Donda West.

After rumors and reports that talk-show mogul Oprah Winfrey recommended Dr. Adams to Dr. West surfaced on the Internet, a spokesperson for Winfrey announced in a statement to Access Hollywood claiming the rumors were “Absolutely untrue. Oprah did not introduce Dr. West to Dr. Adams,” The rep added Oprah neither introduced, nor recommended, the two and that the last time Oprah had spoken to Dr. West was April 27, 2005, when she had Dr. West and her son on the show. However, earlier in the day, a source told Access Hollywood that Dr. Adams was, in fact, one of two doctors Oprah recommended to West. The source claimed Oprah also recommended a doctor in Chicago.

Location details regarding Dr. West's funeral have been made available. The former college professor is scheduled to be laid to rest in her home state of Oklahoma. According to a report by Oklahoma television station, KOCO, a Howard-Harris funeral home representative confirmed to the tv station that they had been contacted by the West family in preparation for funeral services in Oklahoma City. Dr. West graduated from Douglass High School in Oklahoma City in 1967.

Last Friday, Dr. Adams operated on Dr. Donda West at his surgical center in Los Angeles. The operation began shortly after 12 noon and lasted 5 hours. Afterwards, West was sent home to recover. The former college English professor credited for guiding her son to superstardom was being cared for at her home by private nurses. But Saturday evening something went terribly wrong. Paramedics were called and West was rushed to Centinela Freeman Marina Medical Center where medical doctors spent 10 minutes trying to resuscitate her before pronouncing her dead at 8:29 p.m.

To read more on the shady past of Dr. Jan Adams, CLICK HERE


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