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Last month we read Darius McCrary's side of his explicit and nonsensical life with Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans. He even spilled the tea and denied those pesky rumors that he had wedded the nastiest video vixen of all time, saying...well yall just gonna have to CLICK THIS LINK because I really don't feel like rehashing all that (excuse my Swahili) sh!t. Anyway, now Miss ADD/Bi-Polar is talking or better yet rambling on and on about her 'marriage' to Darius. Once again she has proven to me why she's half past crazy. To say there's a village out there missing its idiot is an understatement! I swear to God! In the January '08 issue, Steffans talked to Sister 2 Sister chief editor Jamie Foster Brown--who is close to developing ADD herself. She can't stay on topic to save her life!--about her relationship with Darius; how his family feels about her; and hoq Darius' feels/felt about her relationship with rapper Lil Wayne. Check out the excerpts below and before come around here and claim them as their own.

KARRINE ON HER MARRIAGE TO DARIUS McCRARY: 'Darius is my husband. Darius and I are married. It's confusing, I know. But when a man walks around with a ring on his wedding finger and tells everyone on the set of his new film that this is his wife, not too many people are going to be able to keep their mouth shut about that.

JAMIE: Karrine, did you all have a ceremony?

JAMIE: Why wasn't I invited?
KARRINE: Because Darius and I, we're not going to do things traditionally...

JAMIE: You're not going to let the world know?
ME: What in the hell.....?

We have made a commitment to one another. We call ourselves husband and wife, he wears my ring and I wear his. Darius and I don't want to have a paper wedding at this point in our lives, but we wanted to make a commitment to each other and to our families and let people know that we are together and we consider ourselves husband and wife because that's the way he introduces me to everyone. We're very much together. I don't know. What did yall hear? Because Darius was gone for five days because we were figuring out what we were doing. No one understands my relationship with Darius. Even though people in his life, my life also, they can't understand it, we're still made for one another and love each other.


KARRINE ON LIL WAYNE AND DARIUS: Darius and I are friends first and I know all about his past, which is ugly. It's ugly! Mine is rose petals. He's done things I would never do. When he tells his stories, I get physically ill. I'm me and I get physically ill, like please don't tell me that story, please. So Wayne and I had this relationship before Darius. Darius is really my friend first. He allowed me space and time to make big decisions. Darius is my life. And so, it got really real. I had a hard time letting go of Wayne. But Wayne and I are also friends, so Darius allowed me, even within this relationship--Wayne would call the house, Wayne would text me, and Darius would just go okay, talk to your boy...So Wayne is such that when he loves you, he wants you all to himself, I think that Wayne has a particular kind of love for me. It's not the kind of love that makes a marriage and a family and a relationship. Wayne and I don't have a sexually charged relationship. Like, he's really my boy. That's my boy. But I had to choose.

KARRINE ON DARIUS' DECISION TO MOVE IN WITH HER: He moved in in July. He had told me he was with Shakiri (Hightower) until July...but all of a sudden something just clicked and he was like, 'I don't need to be there. I want to be with you. What am I doing over there? I belong here.' So that was a decision he made after a day of being at my house with me. He came and he moved in. Only because my son's school is here, we decided that we would stay in my house until we buy a bigger house together. So he liquidated all his stuff and his properties or whatever. Everything was fine. He's been living here since July.

KARRINE ON DARIUS FIVE DAY LONG EXCURSION AWAY FROM HER: Well he was gone for five days. Yes, Darius left me for five days to give me time to look at the scenario. And within those five days, because I love him so much, I miss him, I couldn't even get out of bed for five days. But talking to him in those five days and pointing out these things to me, the way he described me to myself is the way I describe my mother to some people. That's when it hit me, like, I am turning into my mother, and my mother's 47 and by herself. Three kids by three different men. Nobody ever stayed, nobody ever married her, nobody ever even moved in. I never had a man around me. My son never had a man around him that way. And so here was Darius who loves me uncontrollably, who loves my son, and who will say, 'I love your son,' which is something (my son's) own father has never said to him. My son never heard that from a man. So my son and I had to learn and adapt to having a real man at home loving us. So he gave me that time. I know he was angry. I'm a bit of a bitch to he honest; I'm am overbearing bitch, which is a curse.

So you must have spoken to him in those five days and then he came back home. And we needed that time because I was gone for a while and he was in transition. He's been home. So you spoke to him in a five-day window. He's home and we're more committed now more than ever. There's some things we had to get taken care of because I had a habit of--because I've been alone for so long, I've been running my life by myself for so long, it's difficult to know how to let a man come in and be the husband and lead a little.

KARRINE ON HOW DARIUS' FAMILY FEELS ABOUT HER: His mom loves my son. His mom loves me. It's the whole family here. Sister and brother and they're like, 'oh, we love Karrine!' There's a whole unity here and its not just me and this guy like it was me and Bill (Maher).

KARRINE ON DARIUS LEAVING HER IN THE DARK ABOUT HIS S2S INTERVIEW: This is my first time hearing that Darius spoke to you. I think Darius was speaking to you from a place of hurt and saying things that other people wanted him to say. Because he was only gone five days. He went and talked to you then came home and didn't tell me a thing. I can't believe he didn't tell me this! But it's okay, because my Wayne article comes out in VIBE in a couple of weeks. We're going to confuse everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...Ms. Steffans is such a thing of beauty. I truly do find her very attractive on more than one level. Sure she is pretty, but she has a very strategic mental capacity.

I know that a lot women don't like her, but I love her; well not literally, but you know what I mean.


Tonisha said...

My head hurts after reading this mess, I am not even gonna lie...

SouthernBlackGurl said...

^^And I would've posted more excerpts (about her feelings on Ray J. and why she really kicked Bobby out of her house), but to tell you the truth, after reading those particular parts of the interview, my stomach began hurting and I just couldn't take anymore. So I completely feel you on this! LOL! Completely!

MrsGrapevine said...

Oh Lord!!! Marcus, you sound like Darius. Karrine Steffans' beauty is only foreskin deep. Ooops! I meant skin deep.

To think this woman is responsible for the life of a child.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

^^LOL @ 'foreskin deep'! LMAO!

Lana said...

Karrine is pathetic and pitiful and needs mental help right this minute. It makes no sense that one woman can be so damn dumb, naive and stupid. God, I feel sorry for her child.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just watched her vidoes on her Official Webste and the chick is NUTZ! All I can do is pray for her. She's lied fron the VERY beginning...about Mthod Man, Lil Wayne, Darius McCrary...DANG!!! I thought there was hope for her, but umm, umm, umm!
That's all I can say.

Shawna Q. said...

This girl sickens me (and I say girl because she doesn't deserve to be called a lady/woman)! I mean yeah...she's handling her business (as far as caring for her son financially)...but she went about life the wrong way! And to think, I was under the impression that she had changed! She's worse than before, if you ask me. The girl can't keep her mouth shut about anything! She's so confused! She thinks that EVERYBODY loves her! What the hell is that about??! And considering her past (and present) life, where does she get off throwing dirt on her mother's name (or anybody else for that matter) like she has? And poor Darius! I bet he's hating that he ever met the girl!

Simply put: Simple minded people (Karrine) deserve simple minded people (Darius).

lilkunta said...

Hey Southern gal 1
Its been along time. I miss reading your blog.

Have you visited Karrine's blog? She has apparently "married"(not sure if this is a real marriage or a marriage like the one she/Darius had) some Island man and they are tryna to have a baby.

What me confused is K said 'it is time to give my 14yr old son a sibling", what about her son with darius? She had those vids on Yt where she cupped her stomach insinuating she was preg.
let me know lady3 a t h ot ma il

Alfred said...

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