Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm going to have to classify this bit of 'info' as a rumor (read my reasons below) until proven otherwise. It seems as though TLC's sexy component Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas is still dating CNN News anchorman T.J. Holmes, according to Star magazine who also claim the alleged couple are discussing marriage:

TLC star Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas has found love after Usher, in the form of CNN News anchorman T.J. Holmes. Four years after her high profile split with the R&B artist, Thomas has been dating Holmes for a year, and the couple are discussing marriage. A friend tells Star, "It's getting serious. She says this is so different from any other relationship she's had - that it's so wonderful. They are madly in love."

If you ask me, someone has given Star magazine some really outdated information. Therefore and thus and such, let me tell you why I have a couple of issues with this story. I was well aware that yes, Chilli and TJ Holmes were an item from November of 2006 to mid-2007. She talked about their relationship in XXL magazine's XXL Presents Hip-Hop Soul Summer issue (June 2007). She said, 'He's so much different than all my past relationships. I just held out, waited and met him. Everybody's shocked. They're so use to me dropping guys real fast.' And she wasn't lying.


It just so happen their brief romance hit the skids before that issue hit newsstands (you can view her XXL photospread here ). Chilli later told the Admin of an official TLC fansite that she 'wants to be with a guy at age 50 and still love him as much as day 1.'

As I previously reported,there's been talk of Chilli starring in her own reality show that will focus on her trying to find the right man. Girl, don't do it! There's a big difference in being desperate and being lonely.

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Anonymous said...

You are truly on top of things, because I didn't know about this.

But see that is why you have this kinda of blog and I have mine; I can just come here and get all of the scoops and be ready for the water cooler in the morning.

In any event, kudos to Chilli and TJ!


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