Sunday, December 16, 2007


Bobby Brown, Mary J. Blige and Tyra Banks have sounded off on Britney Spears. While Brown (who considers Spears as a 'special artist' although she f*cked up one of his hit songs) and Blige, who are both former drug least Blige is, understand firsthand exactly how Britney feels to be looked down on when she's hit rock bottom, Tyra Banks is working overtime at continuing to deny reports that she made comments suggesting the singer 'kill herself' and 'go out like Marilyn Monroe.'

Brown hated Britney Spears cover version of his track My Prerogative- but insists the singer is a "special artist" and should be given the chance to rescue her career. Although the R&B star "loved the video" for Spears' 2004 track, he insists she didn't do justice to the version he took to number one 20 years ago. But Brown insists his own battles with drugs show how fame can cause stars to meltdown. He says, "She's a special artist and people should treat her like a special artist. She's a very beautiful girl. I'm a perfect example of how this business can mess with your head. Just let that girl live for a minute."


R&B superstar Mary J. Blige has also spoken out in support of the troubled singer because she knows what it's like to be constantly followed by the tabloid trouble. Blige, who once battled substance abuse problems, feels sorry for stars such as Spears and Amy Winehouse as they fight their personal problems in public. She says, "They're human beings, and they're young, in a business that doesn't give a hoot about you. It's just sad. I hate to see any of these females go through it. I was young, and I did dumb stuff - I was doing worse than that."

And supermodel-turned-TV host Tyra Banks has blasted reports she criticized Spears and suggested she commit suicide, insisting the comments have been made up. The former catwalk beauty was reported to have slammed troubled Spears at a recent private party, where she was allegedly overheard saying, "Britney should just go ahead and kill herself after the album and go out like Marilyn (Monroe), very grand. She should have done it after the last album." But a representative for Banks' reality show, America's Next Top Model, has dismissed the claims, branding them "absolutely not true". And Banks was so appalled at the reports, she has issued her own statement hitting out at the media spin. She says, "Britney is a friend and we correspond with each other. These alleged statements are completely false."


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