Friday, December 28, 2007


"I wish my father wasn't the manager, so people would just stop attacking me. Whenever something goes wrong with the group, it's my fault. Somebody left the group, it's Beyonce's fault."

--Beyonce Knowles on the public scrutiny she encounters as the lead singer of Destiny's Child from VIBE magazine's Divas Live February 2001 cover story.

Excuse me while I travel back to 2001 to say what I couldn't say back then: Girl, stop bitching and whining. It is your fault! It was you who wanted to gain as much superstardom as you could get. It was you whose intentions were to use your lead role in Destiny's Child as a stepping stone to later pursue a solo career. You thought you were nickel-slick, but I got your penny change. You weren't complaining when it was only your voice that could be heard on the first 2 DC albums. I'm surprised you didn't insist on naming the group Beyonce featuring Destiny's Child.

You knew the pros and cons of being celebrity, so don't complain about it now. Hell, I didn't even know Kelly and Michelle could sing until that Survivor album came out. You weren't complaining when you were always front and center in every video, photoshoot, television appearance and album cover, were you? I bet it took every piece of willpower you had in you to give up the middle spot once Destiny's Child became known as DC3. And last but definitely not least: you know good and well that you had everything to do with those girls being kicked out of the group. And everybody knows the only way DC will reunite will be only if YOU say so. Hell, you can do a DC reunion album and tour without your two background singers (a.k.a. Kelly and Michelle) especially when you consider the fact that you sang lead on 99.9% of every song DC has ever recorded.

Next time be careful for what you ask for. Until then, shut the fuck up and sit your ass down. Oh and FYI: just so you know--if anything ever happens to DC, good or bad, rest assured it will all your fault. And that's really all I have to say about that.



ddeendallas said...

Tell'em PSG!!!!

**She Said** said...

And let the church say Amen!

LOL All I have to say is this...the bigger they are, the harder they fall...i.e. Michael Jackson & Britney Spears.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone writing the truth and not kissing ole phony beyonces ass..I think she is 1 of the fakest bitches in the industry ..she tries and act all cute and humble knowing the real her is Sasha ..she can kiss my ass ..She would never ever give Jay the time of day if it wasn't for his MONEY ..fuck the beyonce stans ..they can kiss my ass too ..

Anonymous said...


Univgurl said...

Could NOT have said that better myself about that guttabutt trollop.

Godfrey said...

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