Thursday, January 3, 2008


'Spiritual' newlyweds Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds will marry for a second time in a legal ceremony when they return to America. The couple wed on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia in front of 25 friends and family on Tuesday (01Jan08). As that ceremony carries no legal significance in the United States, Murphy and Edmonds will enjoy a second wedding on their return home. General law specialist in French Polynesia, Malgras Benoit, confirmed reports that Murphy and his 40-year-old fiancee Tracey Edmonds were ineligible to be married locally because they had not lived in the region for long enough. Under French law people wishing to marry must reside near where the ceremony is to take place for at least 30 days before they can legally tie the knot. The couple reportedly arrived in French Polynesia by private jet last weekend and were married on new year's day on a small islet near Bora Bora Island, a playground for wealthy tourists.

Benoit said the details indicated the wedding could not be recognized under French law. "A marriage on the beach would be like... a fake marriage. It's not a real marriage, if it is on the beach with only a local priest. I think it was just an exotic, artistic 'marriage'," he said. "You need to have residence for at least 30 days - one month in the island of Bora Bora for instance - and this has not been the case," Benoit said.

Edmonds' spokesperson tells, "As is typical when couples get married in foreign countries, a legal ceremony will take place when they return to the U.S. The wedding that took place in Bora Bora was a ceremony to bind Eddie and Tracey spiritually in the presence of family and friends. The couple plan a legal ceremony as soon as they return to the States."

Murphy and Edmonds, who have been dating since 2006, have both been married before - Murphy divorced Nicole Mitchell in April 2006, while Edmonds ended her marriage to music mogul Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds in October 2005.

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Mina said...

Can someone help me understand why she would want to marry a man who has openly said he wants nothing to do with his youngest child and that he would only financially support her? Why should that innocent baby have to suffer? What is she going to think when she grows up and learns her father who share the same birthday as her, wants nothing to do with her?!

Eddie is a sad piece of a man. And Tracey is even more pathetic for entertaining and/or condoning his bullshit ways. She can not be that hard up for a husband.

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