Thursday, January 31, 2008


Request denied.

That's the response Foxy Brown got from a state judge last Thursday when she asked to go to California to get her inner-ear implant adjusted. The rapper, whose real name is Inga Marchand, requested early release from Riker’s Island prison in New York in order to travel to a Los Angeles clinic to treat a hearing problem she says is worsening in jail. Brown’s lawyers said a doctor at the Californian clinic was the only one who could repair the rapper’s electronic hearing implant. State Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson ruled that the 29-year-old rapper, who is about four months into a year-long sentence for violating her probation, could get all the treatment she needs without leaving New York. Foxy and her attorney disagree. They claim Foxy's ear problems, which were first revealed during a 2004 court date, have worsened. Foxy wrote a four-page letter to the judge - which she said on Thursday was a "desperate and frivolous petition" - in which she plead, "I ask you to please take into consideration that my health is in jeopardy. I am terrified of not hearing a fire alarm go off, or being locked in a cell and someone not being kind enough to let me out, since not everyone understands the severity of my condition," Foxy wrote.

But the judge wasn't having it. And to tell you the truth, can you blame the honorable Judge Jackson for her decision? Foxy has time and time again gotten herself in trouble... while she was already incarcerated! A little bit of freedom won't go anywhere toward rehabilitating this troubled rap diva. Eight months of good behavior, and she'll get all the freedom she wants. She better sit her ass down and a read a book.



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