Thursday, January 31, 2008


"No absolutely not. Because blacks and Latinos anywhere you go in any hood, any ghetto, we’re right beside each other, and with each other all the time especially in New York City. They’ve been calling me “that n*gga” my whole life. I go to Africa, and the Africans say “what’s up Fat Joe my n*gga-ah?” So they don’t have a problem with it. It’s a term of endearment."

--Puerto Rican rapper, Fat Joe's response to Complex magazine on if he's ever been criticized for using the 'N' word; the rapper also defended his use of the word 'nigga' on his records.


step_into_the_light said...

I was on the other site. the one that is not accurate at, and I said that there should be no circumstance under which this word should be used. EVER!. I live in the Bronx myself and I hear it like if I was saying Hey! all you hear is n this n that. I heard there was a reggaeton artist going by the name of n, and I really went crazy. The funny thing is no one else thought it was a big deal. I was calling emi records and leaving messages getting ready to start a protest, people turned their heads, I dropped it. I am a Black Dominican I live in a predominantly black neighborhood with my big gorgeous black husband. He thinks I am more of a sister than he is a My point is I went full blast trying to stop this spanish guy from naming himself this, and nobody gave a damn. Fat joe, or Joey Crack, he should have absolutely no reason to use the word.I feel no one should be allowed to use this word. It is just a word and we have to not empower the word, but I know the history behind the word and it is fresh on my mind.
This is not a good look for Fat Joe. Ignorance is among us and I say God help us.

ATLien said...

Fat Joe is an idiot..point blank..period!

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