Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When Candy Girl hit the airwaves in 1983, it catapulted a young boy band from Beantown to overnight fame. Created by Maurice Star, New Edition were the first R&B boy band since the Jackson 5 to rule the pop charts. The group's persona, originality and irresistible blend of bubblegum pop and sweet soul sound provided the blueprint for the plethora of boy bands that would rule the charts on and off for decades to come. And their signature dance moves soon became a formula New Edition pimped and passed down to other up and coming boy bands such as The Boys, Boyz II Men, New Kids On the Block, N-Sync, The Backstreet Boys, 112, B2K and any other boy-band I missed.

Ralph, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike, and later Johnny, went on to have multiplatinum albums and sold out-out concerts (raise your hand if you still rock an N.E. Heartbreak tour T-shirt). By 1990, N.E. had released five albums with innumerable hits such as Mr. Telephone Man, Cool It Now and Can You Stand the Rain? Who could have known they would go on to dominate the world of hip-hop and R&B in the '90s? Although, their success didn't come without a fair share of drama---lost revenues and Bobby Brown leaving to go solo, they've held strong for 25 years and continue to tour and release albums.

To commemorate their 25th anniversary as R&B's most original and influential boy band of all time, New Edition will release the 25the anniversary special edition of their very first album, Candy Girl on January 29, 2008. The album will include original 10 tracks such as its number 1 single, Candy Girl, She Gives Me a Bang, Is This the End, Popcorn Love and Jealous Girl and bonus tracks as well.



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