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Miami rapper Trina graces the February 2008 cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine. In her interview, the self-proclaimed 'Baddest Bitch' candidly opened up and discussed how she was able to move on and mend her heart after her much publicized breakup with rapper Lil Wayne. (Just remember that the following quotes are her exact words, not mine. Therefore and thus and such, good luck trying to decipher what the hell she was talking about). She also revealed her current relationship status as well as a certain Destiny's Child (who she refers to as her 'favorite') member she hopes to work with in the near future and why she has the utmost respect for her. Trina is definitely back and ready to re-introduce herself as the 'Baddest Bitch....Reloaded.' And she has a special message for all of her loyal fans. Check out the excerpts below.

TRINA ON HOW SHE WAS ABLE TO COPE & AND REGAIN CONTROL OVER HER LIFE AFTER LOOSING WHO SHE BELIEVED WAS HER SOULMATE, LIL WAYNE: "There are a lot of great memories. There are a lot of bad memories. Whenever something goes wrong and whenever you've been hurt and you go through a situation, you're wondering, 'Am I the the person that did something wrong?' I feel like for myself, it took for me to be single again and to dig inside myself and to not blame anybody--not blame myself, to forgive and to let go of the hurt that I felt in a past situation. When you genuinely truly love somebody, it's a part of you. It sticks with you forever. There's nothing more important in this life than yourself, and I think as humans we allow ourselves to sometimes love other people more than we do ourselves. I've learned from a lot of things that I've done in the past that I'm praying to God that I don't do in the future.

A relationship can sometimes damage your mind and just everything about you as a person. I'm human and I do hurt and I do cry and I do get emotional, and to be able to get over it and get on with my life and put myself in a better place, that's a great feeling. There's no hurt that I feel like I can endure that I haven't already endured. I think that if it hurts and you endure losing someone, then as far as breaking up or falling in and out of love, I think that's a part of life. It's a true statement how sometimes love can turn into hate or sometimes you feel love and you can fall out of love. It's important to get yourself back together and to get things back in perspective--to really know that this is life and life happens, and nothing lasts forever no matter how much you want it to."

TRINA ON BEING SINGLE AGAIN: 'I am very happily single and I'm proud to say that because I'm in control of my life. I'm in control of myself and I've learned a lot being single. It's given me a chance to learn my self-worth, to learn what matters to me the most. It's given me a chance to love myself all over again, without the company of a companion. There are some insecurities. There are some strong and weak points, but it's just important to know that life doesn't end after a relationship. All I can do is live everyday to the moment, to the fullest, as if it was my last day, and be happy about it."

TRINA ON WHY SHE WANTS TO WORK WITH DESTINY'S CHILD FRONT & CENTER WOMAN, BEYONCE: "I think if I could work with anybody I would love to work with, it would definitely be Beyonce. That's my favorite in the world. I would love to see her back with Destiny's Child. I loved Destiny's Child. I just love them all, and I just think for her as a person, just to see her work so hard--you know, she can overcome and conquer anything. And it wasn't always an easy road, and even when she came back with the Destiny's Child breakup and her being blamed for this and blamed for that--like just to overcome all that and be strong and to sing a song and to stay on top and just keep surviving and keep pushing--she's amazing and she's a person that I totally have the utmost respect for.

TRINA MESSAGE TO HER FANS & WHAT TO EXPECT FROM HER MUSICALLY IN 2008: "My album coms out on February 1. I'm still the baddest bitch. To all my fans, I'm happy. Everybody that's following me, that's continuing to follow me and that's being loyal, get ready for an evolution of Trina like none ever seen before. It's going to be a crazy 2008. Crazy. Crazy.

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trina is the best i love her and i love beyonce so i hope they do make a banging song for all the ladies

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