Friday, January 18, 2008


I intended to post this last week, but I totally forgot about it! LOL! Just so you all know, the blog post is pretty lengthy.

More details have emerged regarding R. Kelly's indiscreet relationship with his former manager's stepdaughter, Maxine Daniels, as well as brand new details regarding his current relationship status with the infamous teen (now 23-years-old) from his sex tape. I swear, the higher a monkey climbs, the more his ass show. Don't it? Just when you thought you knew someone...BAM, BAM!...they do something else to convince you that they're still nine cents short of a dime. I'll explain that later on in the story. Anywhoo, as most of us know, about five months ago (on August 28, 2007 to be exact), Regina Daniels, abruptly resigned her duties as R. Kelly's publicist and family friend of over 14 years after accusing the singer of 'crossing the line'. At the time, some folks speculated that the reason for her departure was due to R. Kelly physically assaulting her. Not true at all. "...I have prided myself on loyalty, respect and professionalism. It saddens me that I was not always shown those same courtesies during my 14 year tenure as Mr. Kelly’s publicist...there are some lines that should never be crossed professionally or personally. Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever altered the scope of our relationship," Daniels said in her official public statement.

Regina and her husband, veteran music retailer, George Daniels, severed their personal and professional ties with the R&B singer--someone they considered as their son--after learning Kelly had been having a sexual relationship with their daughter, Maxine, 21 (Blogger's note: see photo on the right). Kelly, 41, and Maxine (who the singer once referred to as his 'little sister') had been seeing each other since last June. From the looks of things, Kelly placed all of his morals, loyalty to family and common sense to the side once he noticed how 'womanly' his 'little sister' had become while attending her 21st birthday party last April at Bar One in Chicago. For weeks, Kelly aggressively pursued her and according to reports, she was a willing participant. Soon after, the 'couple' began dating on the down low and in true SugarMac Daddy form, R-ruh began lavishing his brand new boo with expensive gifts: Gucci handbags, an iPhone (oooh, what a treat! I mean, really!), designer dresses, jewels and trinkets and whatnot. He even opened up his home just so that he could kick it with her and her sorority sisters of the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Needless to say, the girl is a grown ass woman who can date any man she wants to. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong. Well, sort of. I guess it depends on who you're asking. She couldn't have been too much of a grown-ass woman because she hid their relationship from her parents. As a matter of fact, while she was hiding...she was also lying.


Now, is that the business or what? But I digress. Anyway, Maxine--who had just broken up with her boyfriend before hooking up with Kelly--would tell her parents she was attending summer school Monday through Friday. What Regina and George didn't know was that Maxine would leave school on Thursdays to stay with Kelly before going home to visit them on the weekends. However, by July, Kelly and Maxine's courtship came to an end when Maxine felt she could no longer keep lying to her parents about her relationship with Chester...I meant Kelly. You would think her breaking things off with him wouldn't piss off the Pied Piper...but it did...but not for long though. What he did next boost his status up three notches on my Shit List...and that's a feat in itself considering the fact that he was already holding the number one spot! Think about it.

Even with his child pornography trial slated to begin in a couple of months, this dude still has the gray-haired balls to mess around with the same girl (no pun intended...well sort of...okay, not really...just a little a smidge of a little bit) from his infamous and incriminating sex tape. Yeah, you read it right. According to Jamie Foster Brown, her name is Rashana (Blogger's note: Rashana is not pictured in this blog post) and she is now 23-years-old. She also accompanied Kelly (along with his 10-year-old daughter, Joanne) on his recent Double Up tour. Kelly, who claims to 'love' Rashana and even goes as far as referring to her as his 'wifey,' has since moved her into his home once his wife Andrea (and their kids) moved out. No wonder she (Rashana) doesn't want to testify against him.

As far as where things stand with Kelly and the Daniels...well, first all, he had the nerve to be upset with Regina for giving him the silent treatment and leaving him to fend for himself. With his trial coming up, he's going to need all the emotional support he can get. It's just too bad that he betrayed and lied to, possibly, the only two people who ever had his back and believed in him the most. How you deceive and disrespect the same two people who taught you how to Step In the Name of Love? That, too, is not the business. Reportedly, George broke down and cried upon hearing the news that his daughter had been sleeping around with Kelly. And after George confronted Kelly and asked him for the truth, Kelly took the punk-ass route and proceeded to bitch up and began crying before swearing to George that he would never do anything like that because they were 'family.'

After the holy shinola hit the fan last November, George told EUR's Lee Bailey, "Bottom line is [R. Kelly] crossed a certain line with me and my wife that you shouldn't cross. I respect his talent. You can't deny he's a talented person. But beyond that, everything else is just gone." Brown says Kelly knew his relationship with Regina and George was over when George stopped receiving the tailor-made designer suits Kelly had been sending to him. Now, that's when you know you done f'ed up!

Regina is now back in the swing of things, doing what she does best. Just days after disassociating herself from R. Kelly, the 50-year-old publicist picked up celebrity clients Wyclef Jean, Young Dro and Fantasia. Bless her heart.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, shit that was a good read. It kept me from falling asleep at my desk! LOL!

Ebony Charm said...

LMAO at the 'he moved up 3 spaces on my shit list..even though he was already number one' part! How do you come up with funny stuff like that? lol

r. kelly is such a chester ass cheesy punk. nothing he does surprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...


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