Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Does Ashanti still hold the title as Murder Inc.'s Princess? The singer opted not to work with Irv Gotti, The Inc.'s H.B.M.I.C. (Head Beige Man In Charge) or any other artist on the label...including Ja Rule on her new album, The Declaration. And maybe that's one of the reasons why her album has been pushed back more than Ne-Yo's hairline. If anyone know the release date, feel free to share it. Anyhoo, in a recent interview with Murder Inc. Online Ja Rule opens up about his new record Judas. And the things he had to say about Ashanti on that record could easily lead anyone to believe that their relationship, business and personal, ain't all good. On one verse, Ja raps:
"Dear Judas.. or should I say Juda?/I wanna' say I'll miss you but that may be a lie and I can't lie to myself too much self pride/I could lie to anyone else at times even god/Now you claim heartbreak and emotional scars, but I say you was getting while it was good until it's gone/But you of all people should know my life's gon' turn off/And this is my sitcom and your just a spin-off/And I don't mean to be hard, but sister your loss/It really hurt when you said you can't throw any M's up baby 'cause it's hurting your image/Really?/Have you looked at your self lately?/If not, then look a little clearly and tell me what you see/And if you're proud of what you saw 'cause who you are is Judas."

So, what's up with that? Peep the small excerpt from Ja's Murder Online interview where Ja 'explains' why he said what he said.

MIO: So let’s talk about ‘Judas’ for a minute, because the talk that record is getting is incredible.
Ja Rule: ‘Judas’ is a great record, it’s my passion, it’s what I wanted to say. I don’t want you to take the record the wrong way, it’s not a diss record, it’s a tough love record. Sometimes you say these things to people you love that may sound harsh to the ear but in essence it’s really a wake up for them so that’s what ‘Judas’ is really about.

MIO: So Ashanti’s still the Princess?
Ja Rule: Ashanti’s still the Princess, that’s still my sister, I still love her. Its just certain things that went on in that time, it was kind of hurtful to me so I expressed it through song.


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Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

FYI Ashley Joi who sings the hook on Ja's comeback single "Body" is a Rattler!

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