Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Above are several candid photos of Tatyana 'Ashley Banks' Ali strolling through the streets of Hollywood after leaving one of the many Oscar Awards swag rooms. Once I saw the pictures, I began wondering what Ali had been up to lately. The last time I saw her she was playing the love interest to Bryton McClure's character, Devon on The Young & The Restless. Through my Internet research, I found out the 29-year-old actress has much more on her plate. Ali is currently on tour with the Mary & Joseph: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told stage play. The play, which also stars Ali's Fresh Prince of Bel Air co-star, James Avery, Anna Maria Horsford (Amen, The Wayans Brothers), David Ramsey (Good News), Clifton David (Amen), Miquel Nunez (Sparks, Life, Juwanna Man) and comedian Guy Torry, is a romantic comedy with music, which reveals the unruly side of relationships, exposes the humorous side of getting hitched and uncovers the drama that goes down when the totally unexpected happens. It also attests to the undeniable power of love and its ability to pull families together in the end despite disasters and their differences. The family-a family-oriented, faith-based retelling of the biblical story is brought to you by the producers of The Cosby Show and Amen. It's not just any story, but the greatest love story ever told.

Check your local Ticketmaster locations to see if the play will hit your city, or somewhere near it, any time soon.

But there's more. Not only has Ali finish recording her sophomore album titled, The Light, which will be distributed later this year independently, the Harvard graduate has also been pounding the concrete while participating in Senator Barack Obama's Presidential election campaign. Below are pics of Ali with her sister/business partner, Anastasia, and actor Hill Harper 'Baracking' the vote in Des Moines, Iowa earlier this month.



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