Sunday, March 23, 2008


In the UK for two sell out shows, Chris Brown kicked the Easter holidays off in style by throwing a party at London hotspot Maya. After stopping to say hello to MTV News’ Rickie , he got on the mic for over two hours, singing and dancing on his table whilst Rihanna preferred to sit on the sofas by his feet. She did get involved however when Brown’s remix of her smash ‘Umbrella’ came on (”you could be my Cinderella -ella-ella” etc) and the couple danced together. The pair were careful not to give on-looking partygoers any sign that they are more than good friends - and there was certainly no ‘Kiss Kiss’. In keeping with tradition, the night ended with a slow song - Brown’s current track ‘With You’. As all the girls in the club watched the man himself belt out the lyrics, even Rihanna managed to raise a smile….

In a recent interview with MTV, Brown denied insistent rumors that he and Rihanna are dating. As a matter of fact the tall, beige and handsome young heartthrob, who’s currently promoting his album Xclusive, is getting fed up of the accusations that are being fired at him left, right and center. “I’ve been on my website and seeing how girls have been threatening me and saying I’m a liar and I’m like it’s not even that.” However, Chris did mention that he has a certain friend. “I have a close friend but it’s not like a relationship, I’m not trying to settle down, I’m only 18 so I’m just trying to live my life and have fun”. Unh-huh, Chris, and we know just who that close friend who has been so very close to you is. Do your thang, Your Beigeness. Do your thang.


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kim 2.0 said...

Its a fake out.They want them to follow and take pics. They are doing this for publicity. This is how u sell records unfortunately.

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