Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Janet Jackson has reportedly scrapped her appearance on Saturday Night Live after falling ill. The singer singer was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday night (3.10.2008) with a "shortness of breath", according to Jackson's representatives have since insisted the pop star is "fine" but she has pulled out of performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, according to The star's spokeswoman has revealed Jackson is suffering from the flu, "like everyone else". Jackson was scheduled to perform two numbers on the show, which is to be guest hosted by Superbad star Jonah Hill.

In related news, Jackson has teamed up with her nutritionist David Allen to help dieters overcome their battle with food. The 41-year-old star -whose fluctuating weight has regularly featured in the tabloid media - is co-writing a book about her journey as an "emotional eater" with Allen. The book's title and publication details are expected to be announced within weeks, but Jackson hopes the guide will be released by the end of 2008. She says, "It's not just this sterile, weight loss and how to do it book, but my journey even from when I was a kid... being an emotional eater. It takes you through those moments in my life up 'til now and what worked for me. And hopefully within that, if it doesn't work for them, maybe they'll find something that does work for them and a nice place for them to be content with who they are."

Below are scans of Janet in Ebony magazine's April 2008 issue.
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Anonymous said...

she looks beautiful. JUst upset Mariah is going to do the show instead. I like her image better then 20y.o image but I hate that it is a double stanard when it come to Janet. Mariah can walk around half naked in her new video.Janet get told off everybody in their mammas got sumpthing to say about Janet.

Anonymous said...

^^that is sooooooooo true!

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