Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Multi-platinum-selling artist, Janet Jackson says she is considering freezing her eggs so she never grows too old to become a mommy. The singer/actress, 41, fears she's leaving motherhood a little late and is pondering her options. During her appearance on The Tyra Banks Show on Tuesday (March 4), Jackson revealed she's willing to let science help her out, telling Banks, "I'll have kids some day... My doctor thinks about that, believe you me." This isn't the first time Janet mentioned freezing her eggs for future use. As previously reported, says she's fed up with family and friends' attempts to persuade her to have a baby - because she isn't ready to become a mother. Jackson says although she eventually wants to start a family with Dupri, she still isn't convinced she is mature enough to raise a child. "I just have to hurry up. I get so much pressure from people I don't even know and I think, 'My God, am I missing my moment?' Even my mother mentioned something to me the other day. But now you can have your eggs frozen and there are all sorts of things you can do. I've got to get a little more kid out of me first before I move on and be childish with my child."

When it comes to birthing babies and whatnot, Mariah Carey's outlook on raising a child mirrors Janet's...sort of. Carey says she has no plans to enter into motherhood anytime soon - because she still struggles to look after her puppy. The singer, 38, admits she cannot imagine starting a family at this point in her life, because she won't be able to dedicate her full attention to her offspring. She says, "Obviously, having a kid is a commitment for life. I really would have to be very, very positive that I was in a place where I could completely focus and put everything into the job of being someone's mommy, because it's hard enough to have a puppy." (Peep Mariah--click on the pic on the right--feeding her pooch a hamburger while vacationing in St. Tropez)


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